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Yoga: 7 Poses To Relieve Sciatic Pain

Oh dear! I can’t move! Every single little movement feels like hell!

Woke up with a sharp pain and cannot move?



This has happened to me at least 3 times in my life.

Chances are the sciatic nerve is involved.

Because it is the LARGEST single nerve in the human body and,

It runs from each side of the lower spine (the lumbar and sacrum) through deep into the buttocks and then into the back of the thigh… And… then into the leg and foot muscles.

Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

What Causes Sciatic and Leg Pain?

If a nerve is compressed and it touches the sciatic nerve you will feel it.… Read the rest

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Yoga: 7 Poses To Relieve Back Pain Video

Testimonial About This Short Practice: I wanted to express my gratitude. I woke up today with no back pain after doing your back routine for the first time yesterday. Erin Peterson (Twitter)

The Benefits of doing this short sequence (it’s less than 10′) regularly is that you will feel your back come alive, and your posture will improve. [if you can’t see the video click here]

As you practice it, you will have a powerful and elegant stance every time you enter a room.You will even breathe easier and have a more centered attitude no matter what happens.… Read the rest

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10 Yoga Hacks For a Great 2015

There are 30 garbage bags in my kitchen filled with “stuff” to either recycle or donate. 

The living-room is empty, just like when we moved in.  

Letting go of all that I no loner need is opening new space in my mind… 

That is one of the hacks… Seemingly not yoga but totally yoga.

1.- Hacking The Practice
“I don’t feel like practicing today! “ — You know the drill.  We’ve all been there. It happens. 
Last month I offered a video suggestion on what to do on this, and it was just one thing

To keep the ritual, to roll the mat out, stand at the edge, and then do nothing.
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The One Yoga Posture To Ease/Prevent Back Pain

This will help if you sit in a computer for long periods or if you drive a lot…Try it once an hour, Let me know.

Back Pain costs us in the United States about 85 billion dollars per year. It is a huge industry.

When the time came to investigate it for a workshop on prevention and yoga I was surprised to see that there are a ton of alternatives, movements even, that have been healing back pain in different ways since the 1950’s.

For example, there is Robin McKenzie out of Australia whom in the fifties discovered “by mistake” that extending the front of the body can help relieve back pain.

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John Campbell’s Brilliance

I finally had a chance to talk to John -my Ashtanga yoga teacher in NYC- as you all recommended, and regarding my paralyzing lower back pain that happened a few weeks ago.  John asked me to give a chronological account of what exactly happened, I said:

– 2 weeks ago woke up with spasms of back pain which immobilized me.
– Any movement at all sent me into agony
– Stopped practicing
– David Garrigues and Joy recommended I read Mind Over Back Pain.
 I did.
– Realized some emotional conversations had to take place. I had those conversations.

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