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How My Life Changed In 6 Months Because Of The Idea Machine

The photo below is form last week.

At Arnold Ad Agency Consulting - Claudia Azula Altucher

Speaking at Arnold Worldwide


It is a bit dark as James took it with his phone against the light  from the windows in downtown Manhattan… It was a huge conference room.  There were 30 people in a semi circle around me.

Arnold, a huge advertising agency out of Boston (with clients like Progressive, Hershey’s, Santander, etc)  invited me to give a talk about Hispanic culture (17% of the population of the USA is Hispanic), creativity, idea machine, and idea sex.

I know nothing about advertising.

Heck, I know very little about everything!

But I do know about coming up with ideas.… Read the rest

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5 Ways To Deal With ENVY – For Real

I had a before and after, monumental shift in perception in 2004. 

Someone told me the Hawaiian saying: “Bless that which you want” meaning that if there is something you see in another that makes you angry or jealous, instead of giving in to scarcity and evil sarcasm, to bless it instead.

It turned my life around, but at first it also made me angry.  I was angry because it felt like too much. This was too big of a shift.

I would have to let go of something I had invested my whole life in, envying and blaming others for something I did not have.  And so far, that had felt good. 

Never mind that it was leaving me empty and starved, because at least I felt the false dignity of self-righteousness. 

Now, going even further and blessing it was completely out of my comfort zone at the time.  

That was WAY too much.

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19 Benefits of Sitting in Silence

Sitting in silence is a HIGHLY PERSONAL experience, but,  it is also a very real one.  

By now you already know my stand on that word… “meditation”, you know that don’t like it.  Here is why.   

Sitting in Silence, is my preference of words… and when it comes to it, just like with everything that is personal, only you can detect the benefits it brings to you — which I would love to hear about. 

However, I can tell you of the ones I found… so far… as benefits for me.

Because there is no end to the rabbit hole:

  1. The patterns that my mind uses to distract me become very clear.
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How Do I Start Yoga? Or How Do I Re-Start After A While Of Not Doing It?

Two weeks ago someone asked James, in his Thursday Twitter Q&A, this question: How do I get started with yoga? James delegated the answer to me, which made me very happy.

Starting can be so simple, that I created a video so after you finish with this post you can roll your mat and get started at once. (Here is a link for the You Tube video if you can’t see it below)

And also, to MAKE IT SWEETER…

I started a ONE-YEAR LONG and open level YOGA COURSE.  It is by subscription only as I want dedicated, brave practitioners!

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THE BOOK: 21 Things to Know Before Starting an Ashtanga Yoga Practice

Welcome to the Launching of my book:
The daily practice of Ashtanga yoga has changed my life for the better in very real ways:
1- It has made me physically, mentally and emotionally healthier.
2- It restored my body to its original blue print, and in the process I released 30 pounds. I also learned to love my body.
3- It helped me stop all energy leaking and re-directed my creativity to the kind of work I love.
4- It gave me clarity and discernment, a grounding platform, and a discipline.
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