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Yoga: Yes You Can Be Enligthened

If you are reading this then you are ready to learn secrets of yoga that have been kept for thousands of years, not so much because they were locked away, but because getting to the core of them was too hard. Too many books to read, too many different schools and practices.

I am creating a new bookclub (chapter by chapter exploration) of the book Samadhi.  See the bottom of this article for the book club I did on his pranayama book.

I wish I was

It is possible to attain the highest freedom

It is possible to attain the highest freedom, click on the book to read with me

free from thoughts, and that nothing woul bother me, I wish I was what people say is enlightened, a state of flow, or Samadhi, but life has a way to give us experiences so that we learn what we need to learn when we are ready.… Read the rest

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3 Things I love About “The Rich Employee” by James

FIRST thing I love about the book is the “dedication” page because it can read as fiction or non-fiction…

Dedication The Rich Employee

It could be the beginning of a science fiction novel (“In a world…”), OR, it could be the beginning of what the book is all about: A helpful tool on how to get the mind-set to be both an employee and make money at it.  


“We all need money, thank you very much, and not all of us are cut out to be entrepreneurs.”

I am stepping my own toes into the “entrepreneurship world”.

And let me tell you, being all grown-up, you know?… Read the rest

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The Yoga Episode #9 – Joy Marzec – A Movie Director In 4th Series Of Ashtanga Yoga

Joy Marzec is a movie writer, producer, director, a music band member, an idea machine, a complete choose yourself case (she invested what she would have paid in film school into making her own films), OH AND…

A yogi practicing the fourth series of Ashtanga Yoga (which in plain terms means something like winning an olympic gold medal three times, not that asana should EVER be on the olympics… But just to give you an idea)

If you cannot see the episode photo with the big play button click here to listen, or play in I-Tunes or Stitcher or Podbay.Fm
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13 Easy Ways To Market Your Book

1.- Add Your TEDx Talk To Author Central in Amazon

Pay special attention to your “Author Page” in Amazon. It is gaining visibility and momentum.
People can now “follow you” in Amazon, your bio is showing, and even your Twitter feed…
And… You can upload your TEDx Talk, in fact, if you have one don’t wait another minute… Do it!
Even more, if you have upcoming events they can appear there as well.
To find this page sign up for Author Central and then go to Author Page… Claim your books, and have your bio appear for all of them.
Can’t wait to have my own TEDx Talk!
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Yoga Podcast Ep# 1: Fun And Useful Yoga Anatomy with David Keil

If I could study anatomy for yoga it would be with David Keil.  

[If you cannot see the podcast photo with the play button underneath click here to listen]

Let me give you some perspective so you see how special he is…

David attended a workshop with the legendary John Scott as a student back in the early 2000s, and was chosen to return to Scott’s workshops as a teacher of anatomy  for all subsequent teacher trainings, which he continues to do today, year after year.

He has a gift, which is to make anatomy interesting and specific to yoga.    

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