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SYBT: How To Silence a Woman: Praying for Malala

Malala is a 14 year old Pakistani girl whose crime was to speak up for girls’ right to education. She has been doing this since age 11 and has even won a peace prize in Pakistan. Last week she was shot in the head twice by the Taliban.  As of an hour ago her condition was listed as “satisfactory” and the possibility of taking her to another country to continue treatment is being considered. 

The first time this particular journalist met Malala he asked what does the name mean.  “Probably a hero she said.

Madonna stripped down to bring attention to the cause.

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The River Flooded Me So I Would Get Out Of Bed!

The biggest gift and source of despair in being sick is that I HAVE to stop.

I can write the “to-do” list but there is no way it is making it into a full-formed written “schedule”. I can plan 6 blog-spots in the morning, but it’s very unlikely they will see themselves in draft form for a while.  I can make the bed, but there is no way I will be able to sweep the floor too.

I just collapse, my heart beats too fast, I get shortness of breath, my joints ache and I fall into a spiral of depression and despair that only James, with his love and humour, knows how to get me out of.

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How to silence a woman, and a man, or not

As I was driving along a scenic route towards Shop Rite yesterday afternoon I heard about how sometimes we get captured by Hades, the saboteur, the one that tells us that we cannot, should not, will not. Victims of the spell just like Persephone we are dragged into a corner, following that part that disables our creative ignition and stops us cold in our momentum track. That voice that is so convincing we render ourselves powerless, you know the one?

I fell in love with Clarissa Pinkola ever since I read Women who run with the wolves, I enjoy how she breaks into Spanish at any turn in the story telling, and how she weaves stories into the depth of the female (and male) psychic bringing healing with each word.… Read the rest

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