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The Yoga Episode #9 – Joy Marzec – A Movie Director In 4th Series Of Ashtanga Yoga

Joy Marzec is a movie writer, producer, director, a music band member, an idea machine, a complete choose yourself case (she invested what she would have paid in film school into making her own films), OH AND…

A yogi practicing the fourth series of Ashtanga Yoga (which in plain terms means something like winning an olympic gold medal three times, not that asana should EVER be on the olympics… But just to give you an idea)

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The Yoga Podcast Ep# 5 David Garrigues: The Devotional Aspect Of Yoga

Last Spring I had a chance to take a workshop with David Garrigues at his institute in Philadelphia.
I was impressed by his enthusiastic, expressive movements, the passion in his way of teaching, and the softness (I cried like a baby) of the chanting part.
[If you can’t see the photo of David with the PLAY button to listen, click here, alternatively go to I-Tunes for all of The Yoga Podcast]

David touches a nerve with the devotional side of yoga because when you sit through a chanting session and he is playing the harmonium and singing mantras you “feel things”.   
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Certified Ashtanga yoga teacher David Garrigues posted lots of photos in Facebook of Tim Miller’s visit last weekend to Philadelphia.
From Facebook, more pictures of the workshop here

The basis of pranic energy is prana vayu(air).  This is not like the air around us. It is very subtle, with amazing lighting speed like a warm flood of radiance. Grimmly and Satya continue to bring us more on pranayama from the YogaAsanaGalu – By Krishnamacharya

Interesting talk between Heather Morton (back bender extraordinaire) and male student who doubts his own abilities to ever get there.

Nice compilation of Kapotasana videos at the confluence countdown blog.

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SUNDAY YOGA BLOG TIMES: It Means Nothing To Be Authorized. Or Does It?

List of Authorized Ashtanga Teachers at the KPJAYI website
clicking on the image takes you to the page

Does it mean anything to be an Authorized Ashtanga teacher?

He was a banker, now he is doing yoga: obviously yoga causes mental illness.

All her Urdva Dhanurasana needs is a little photoshop [photo]. That’s one way of doing it! Where is my computer?

She dropped back this week! ? Yeah!, and also wrote the 10 steps to it. Thank you.

To blog or not to blog? While in India

Grimmly got there first (well done!) on posting the extraordinary response of David Garrigues to a student who wonders if, as things are getting too deep, he should continue with Ashtanga yoga or not?

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What did you think it was?

Can you believe that [left] is a carved pumpkin? here are more!

Ganesh is not the remover of obstacles, says David Garrigues in his Asana Kitchen: Pasasana, that is the hallmark version. Ganesh is actually the one that places obstacles, and we remove them.
It is an ego check and keeper of the first pose of the intermediate series.  Great read and videos.

Funny cartoon on reincarnation

Kino on the logic of the six-times-per-week practice

SereneFlavor offers 3 GREAT ideas for entrepreneurs/yogis.

Bikram is at it again, this time suing Yoga for the People in NYC for poses… watch out studios!

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