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I completely agree with Richard Freeman on this: marihuana may temporarily give some focus to the practice, but overall it is a huge leak.

Remember the New York Times article about a study on how yoga does or does not help? Well, here is Eddie Stern, telling them they need to smarten up!

Manju talking about meeting Krishnamacharya and Iyengar

Aaaannnd now she believes in those “openings

Grimmly gets a breakthrough too as he touches toes to head in raja kapotasana. Nice. Reminds me that yes all IS coming.

Also, watch the cute pictures of Maya’s daughter who enters raja kapotasana as if is nothing!

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8 Reasons Why I Blog About Yoga

Carol Horton wrote a fascinating article for Elephant ‘Why Yoga Blogging Matters’ posing the question: Why do you blog? She calls yoga and blogging: “yoging” which did not go well with some commentators but is quite alright with me. I get it. We blog, we yoga. We are yoging. 

These are my 8 reasons:

1.- Community.  I have created some pretty solid friendships over the years here at the blog and I meet new people because of it, all the time.  Besides, when I practice at home I know of others who are also practicing and suddenly do not feel so lonely on the mat, least James joins me.

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Leaving Mysore, 12 things I learned in this trip

Ah, February! It is time to come back home to the freezing North East, and I am very grateful for the opportunity of this trip. Gratitude to the Gods!

On the right there is the picture I took this morning before practice, with Saraswatti.  Her friendliness always amazes me.

These are 12 of the many things I learned this time:

  1. Breathing for dropping back must be much more intense than I ever imagined. I need to breathe as if I am grasping for life, very deeply. And then some more
  2. I have filled with air certain parts of my body I did not know I had
  3. I have practiced with the intensity equivalent to all the time I spent practicing before in my whole life
  4. Do you have a question?
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Skippetty, Owl, and Myself go to lunch with Sharath, and about another 200 Ashtangis

Sharath invited everyone out to lunch to a restaurant called “Highway 18”, I think, or was it 17?, and we all went.  Just in case you are not familiar with Ashtanga yoga, Sharath Jois is the current director of the main ashtanga yoga institute.

At noon the Pilgrim of yogis left Gokulam and in the words of my land lady “left it quiet”.  Rikshaw after rickshaw, scooter after scooter we all gathered over coconuts and headed out.

Three bloggers, Skippetty (right), Owl (center)  and well, me (left)…  they granted me permission to put up the picture, thank you guys!   

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