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11 Reasons Why Women Need To Become Idea Machines Now

We are at a point in history where we have to stop pretending we are not brilliant beings. 
We, as women, need to become idea machines, pronto.  
The power that comes through it is a gift we owe to the world. 
We have to own our talent and admit that we have something to bring to the table. 
We are in a magnificent position to affect change in the world in a feminine way.  There is no winning in playing small anymore.

I said that recently at Fei’s podcast

And… Of course….

In true “Idea Machine style”… 

that conversation invited me to elaborate and come up with ten/eleven reasons why it is so important for women (and men, of course) but specifically, in this case, for women, to become idea machines.
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32 Unusual Ways to Deal with Depression

Wayne Dyer told me to “get up and go help someone”. I was calling his radio show seeking advise to deal with low moods in the early days of 2004, I was depressed.  He was right. Walking away from my desk to see if someone needed help got me out of my own head (the trouble-maker) and resulted in a little love for me since I did do something useful that day.
Giving a hand is such a good suggestion when it comes to depression that it makes it to number 1, then there is the other 31 unusual ways:

#1 – Follow Wayne Dyers’ advise and get up and try to help someone else, I know it is hard, but it will result in getting you out of your head, it did to me at that time.

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Seven ways to heal from depression

In 2004 I found myself down there, blue, hopeless, exhausted, disoriented.  I was so desperate I almost entertained “those” kinds of thoughts, so much so that I went as far as to contact Wayne Dyer at Hayhouseradio hoping to talk to him on the air, live, and to my surprise I got in.  Number one is what he said to me:

1. Get out of your mind and go help someone.   Today there are people who need your help, down the hallway for example, someone in your office may need a sounding board to talk to, or a charity might put some money to good use, or your local volunteering organization may need someone to help feed the elderly on a Saturday morning.… Read the rest

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