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Can We Attain Enlightenment (Yoga) Just By Asana?

A few weeks ago I had just that question: is it possible that asana (yoga poses) alone could be the means to get to the higher limbs of yoga, to concentration meditation and that eternal peace with keen discrimination, that seeing what IS?

I was particularly curious after reading of a conference report in which Sharath had mentioned how we should put less focus on socializing and more on practice and how through asana we get into a state of dharana (focus or the six limb of yoga).

In the comments of that post I concluded that perhaps I should ask myself if presented the opportunity: Is asana really enough?

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Mice, Raccoons and Yoga

4:30 AM wake up and tea – see mouse breeze through in the living room.  Here we go again.

5:30 in the kitchen counter, finishing tea, scared that the mouse will come around.

Cannot believe I once dealt with a raccoon, many moons ago,  in the old New Jersey home.

She listened to me as if drinking my soul

She had gotten in through the cat-trap door and was hiding in the closet, scared of the cats who were looking at her so intensely I had to check and see what exactly they were looking at.

When I saw the fury thing I begged, no, actually cried to God: “please let that be a hat“.

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The Claudia Sutras: My Current Practice

I agree with Lysbeth’s saying that yoga is like a big “tool box” from which you pick and choose to attain the final goal of peace and universal intelligence, or union -if you go by the other root of the yoga word-. 

Lysebeth’s Yoga Toolbox probably looked like this
Here is what I grab from the toolbox to do my daily practice:
Early morning practice

1.- Wake up to coffee.  I relate to Sharat’s: No Coffee No Prana.  See the end of this post for Sharath’s Coffee philosophy. Or maybe I just like coffee.  
I let my body have about 40 minutes to an hour between wake up and to the point of getting on the mat.… Read the rest
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Keeping it Real: 8 Things You Need to Know About the Eight Limbs of Yoga (As Per Patanjali)

I get bored when I read a post with the title “the 8 limbs of yoga” yet, I find that it is necessary for a blog to have such a conversation in a down-to-earth: “telling it like it is”, kind of form. So here I come, and this is not your 2003 eight limb’s post. So, first things first:

8 things you need to know about the eight limbs:

1.- Sage and genius yogi Patanjali compiled the Yoga Sutras, a book he called “On Traditional Yoga” and which was subsequently translated as “the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali“, about 2000 years ago.
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Practicing the Eight Limbs, in Every Practice

That workshop with Ramaswami clarified to me the importance of practicing all limbs of yoga in each practice and so, I’ve been modifying things.

When I say “the importance”, what I mean is that the goal of yoga, eternal utter peace, is achievable, but the concentration (6th limb), followed by longer and longer abilities to keep the mind focused on an object (7th limb) until merging with it (8th limb) will not just happen, it needs as much practice as kurmasana, marichasana D, the drop backs, or being kind to others.

And so yesterday my practice consisted on primary plus intermediate to laghu, but no attempts of dropbacks, for which I was later slapped in the wrist while reading Matthew Sweeney (what a great book!).

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