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32 Suggestions: How to Start an Ashtanga Yoga Practice

I cant tell you how many people I know that won’t do yoga primary because they are intimidated. I look forward to your post for beginners...” said Anonymous yesterday and brought a sprout of inspiration.”Intimidating” I suppose, is the key word. It can be.Back when I started I did not dare go to a half-led class or a Mysore-style class until I “thought” I “knew” at least half of the series.  I felt embarrassed, out of place even. But if I was starting all over again I wish I had a place with suggestions.  So I wrote this article, and I wrote a book!But here are 32 suggestions to start thinking about:

1- Do Your Practice All Is Coming

Know that Ashtanga is a life-time process not a “get rich quick” thing.  

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