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God’s Speed

At the very start of the trip back from Mysore to Bangalore the driver stopped suddenly and for now reason.  I asked what happened? He said it was because of the temple. I liked that idea, even thought it auspicious. But as with everything in foreigner lands, things get lost in translation, it turns out he was really waiting for a call indicating that food was ready and he could pick it up before even picking up his co-driver. We had two more stops I was unaware of.  I was upset.  Not so much for the time, I knew we would make it to the airport with plenty of time for my flight, but more because he did not tell me the truth.… Read the rest
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Your Twitter and Facebook Questions Answered

About to eat a dosa bigger than me

Over time people ask me questions in Facebook or Twitter and I welcome it! Here is a group of them which I thought may help others and start conversations.  Feel free to send me your own and I will post them with fuller answers (Twitter only gives 140 characters) from time to time.

@socialhotchoco Priscilla Wood
@ClaudiaYoga Hi Claudia, I want to incorporate Yoga into my practice, what is the minimum I should do to get me ready for meditation? Thanks
The minimum would be enough so that you feel healthy and you can sit down with a straight back for long periods of time (say at least 20 minutes in the morning and 20 in the afternoon as a suggestion to begin with). 

The main thing we are looking for in meditation is to be able to focus, while in a quiet state, and a body out of balance or a back that is not straight does not help. 

Also of note is that the amount of time spent doing asanas is not as important as the quality of time put into it, so no matter how much asana you practice ensure that you are present and with your body.  Think of it as a meditation of sorts.
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