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Yoga: Yes You Can Be Enligthened

If you are reading this then you are ready to learn secrets of yoga that have been kept for thousands of years, not so much because they were locked away, but because getting to the core of them was too hard. Too many books to read, too many different schools and practices.

I am creating a new bookclub (chapter by chapter exploration) of the book Samadhi.  See the bottom of this article for the book club I did on his pranayama book.

I wish I was

It is possible to attain the highest freedom

It is possible to attain the highest freedom, click on the book to read with me

free from thoughts, and that nothing woul bother me, I wish I was what people say is enlightened, a state of flow, or Samadhi, but life has a way to give us experiences so that we learn what we need to learn when we are ready.… Read the rest

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The Red Book: The Other Way To Get To Yoga

One of my favorites

A few weeks ago I opened Carl Jung’s Red Book and I have since been glued to it with a force I understand not.

He has touched in me a new fiber. I feel that there is another way to find our center, and that he was a pioneer of going down the rabbit hole into finding it.

He worked on the book, originally a handwritten manuscript, for 13 years, and well aware that he would probably be scorned and laughed at by academics of the time including himself. (see photo excerpt below)

In the pages he details his conversations (fantasies/active imaginations) with characters that appeared to him, from the unconscious.

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Honestly! Chose Between 1M Dollars or the Self?

James  and I are in a deep exploration of books by all the sages that propose leaping into the goal of yoga rather than going through steps (like we do in Ashtanga Yoga (ashto=eight, anga=limbs)).  These masters are those I call the “chapter one guys”, the ones that are already enlightened, the ones that can see the picture in 3D as they get close to it and cannot believe you don’t see it already, while I look at them in full frustration.
No matter how close or cross-eyed I get I just don’t see it

I tell you why I call them “chapter one guys”, I do that because the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (the sort-of Bible of Yoga) attempts the same thing in chapter one.

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How Do I Profit From “The Witness”?

There was once a business man who had a shop and a family, he had 4 children and kept busy, but at every moment of the day when he found some “free time” he followed two simple instructions from his teacher, and within 3 years he attained self-realization, or, what Pattabhi Jois tells us is the goal of yoga (in his book Yoga Mala).
I came accross a book from this business man through James, who found him as he is investigating Ramana Maharshi and as it turns out, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj is one of his disciples and has attained probably as much fame as the former, without trying, why?
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The Only Yogic Power We Are Allowed To Want = 3.36

Some super powers are more flashy than others, my favorite is becoming invisible.

However, any yogi that has read a bit about the science knows that if pursuing this path as outlined in the scriptures (and by that I mean Patanjali) sooner or later temptations arise.  A focused, serious practitioner would come accross some powers, even super powers.

Krishnamacharya even outlines in his Yoga Makaranda (which you can read here for free) that after long serious practice a student could begin to ‘make things happen’.  Not that we would want to. In general we are told to stay away from these powers.

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