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The Rugged Assistant/Sutdent: Latest Fashion Trend in Mysore

It all started with assistants.  Sharath’s assistants that is.  These sweet souls are very dedicated and helpful, and one thing about them is that they have to deal with very sweaty students. God bless them.

At some point, I suppose, someone took on the idea of using the cotton rug that Sharath wears around his waist to dry his hands after a particularly sweaty adjustment. Then suddenly all assistants are wearing one.   Now this is my speculation, it could be that they got the idea in a different way, and it may very well be that not all of them do it,  I just could not help noticing some similarities.

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Please Don’t Kill Your Baby

Returning from Saraswathi’s shala one day, James and I came across the Gokulam orphanage which has this black and white sign on the door. It reads: Do not kill your baby, -leave it here-

They currently have about 40 children, 3 are babies.  Western students used to volunteer and spend time with the kids but now this has been disallowed.

They said they need food, in this order:

  • Cooking Oil
  • Rice
  • Dal
  • Sugar

There is a supermarket on the 9th Cross (the orphanage is on the 4th cross, so five blocks away) in which big bags of these supplies can be found for not a lot of money.

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Claudia’s Guide to Mysore, India

So you are finally ready to visit Mysore… Congrats!  Read on and get ready for the adventure…
Traditional delicious food

If you are a woman planning  read this post first, it’s THAT important. And if you are a man read it too.

Mysore is generally safe but recently there have been some security issues, and is better to be safe than sorry.  Now back to the post.

Ever since my first trip to Mysore I wanted to have a comprehensive list of information, as in: when to go, how to prepare, what to pack, places to stay, where to eat, etc.

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Yogic Blog Watch

This is my periodic blog watch of four notorious things I found from fellow interesting and cool bloggers.   They are worth re-twiting but we are in blog world so here is linking to them, great stories!

I cannot believe the angry reactions I get about the latest on Bikram here.  OK, so I guess I am still human and far from englithened

I have been enjoying inmensely reading about what Sharath had to say and the general experience of his visit to Syndey on this blog

For those of you visiting Mysore there is a new tailor in Gokulam, who makes great pants and keeps her timing promises!Read the rest

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