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21 Things I wish someone told me before I started practicing Ashtanga yoga

I was completely intrigued by Ashtanga at first sight, starting with its brutal schedule, its lack of poetry (no “feel the earth’s energy flow through you” ever heard in a class) and mythological superstition, as in:  no new poses to be taught on Tuesdays because it is ruled by Mars which is the God of war.
Finally!,  I thought to myself, a very specific approach which, in spite of having a lot in common with all other styles, has one single element that makes it stand out: it is done as a self-practice where each student arrives in their own time and does his or her practice while the teacher comes around to adjust individually. Known as the Mysore style (due to its birth-place in India), I ventured into it with an open heart one April fool’s day.  Looking back there are a few things I wish someone had whispered in my ear as I embarked on such a colossal journey, these are 21 of the most notorious:
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This and that…

Yesterday following Boodiba’s and Grimmly’s suggestions I attempted to extend my arms on the drop back, and hang in there… did not go too well… my reflex to come back up is INTENSE.  I had a video of it, but don’t want anyone to see it !

I tried that sweetener from the post yesterday and did not like it all,  oh dear!, I am thinking it is a good challenge to change habits, but it is seriously not tasty, it feels a little like one of those artificial things.

This (left) is hanumanasana yesterday, playing during private practice, which felt good.… Read the rest

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Hanumanasana, here comes the split

Inspired by fellow UK blogger Grimly I attempted Hanumanasana today after supta padangusthasana.

It is not meant to go there, heck it is not meant to be practiced at all until the third series, together with walking in water, speaking in languages and passing through walls,  but I wanted to so I did, don’t tell my teacher.

Things that surprised me:

  1. It came much easier than expected, a revelation really
  2. I saw that the asana is not complete, there is a forward bend after the split, oh well, next time
  3. The videos keep on coming rather blue, I need to check the camara settings
Is the front foot supposed to be pointing?… Read the rest
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