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Beautiful Addition to the Routine of the Shala: Chanting

I slept till 7 AM (with only a one hour wake-up interruption) which means the trick to avoid jet-lag worked! AND that the 10:30 AM practice start was a blessing.
Nothing like a good night sleep

Being part of the last batch is interesting, the class starts thinning out towards the end.  Got a fantastic adjustment in kurmasana, I think my whole torso finally went through and forwards in an impossible way, but it was real. Loved it.  Sweated a ton too, but enough about me.

As I rested in savasana upstairs, the whole shala started vibrating with chanting and it felt so comforting, so devotional, elevating.

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How To Avoid Yoga Jet Lag

Paul Dallaghan shared with us his technique for avoiding jet lag towards the end of Teacher Training circa March of 2009 in Thailand, and since I -like most other students- was about venture into a 28+ hour plane-ride, my ears perked up.
I don’t remember all the details, but what did stick with me was the part of not eating anything, at all, during the whole ride.  The reasoning was that if your body guesses it is starving all energy will go towards conserving energy and any time references will become secondary and irrelevant. He explained it much better than me.… Read the rest
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