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Mysore: When To Register, When To Go

I received some inquiries into -the site I put together with information about Mysore and practicing at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute-
For example: When to go?  and also when to register?
The shortest answer is of course to keep a close watch on the website: as things change and nothing is set in stone.  There is a “News” section that keeps updating with information.
The website
For example, as of today, the four last bits of news inform us that a) The official list of teachers is to be found here and all teachers appearing in other lists will be removed b) Applications to study in Mysore are no longer accepted through mail and must be done online c) a note to teachers: they are updating their lists and d) there should be a 2 month lapse between visits to India on tourist visa.
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Ever Wonder What a Certification to Teach From AYRI Looks Like?

I remember when interviewing for a teaching position earlier this year and the studio owner asked: ‘Are you certified’?

Right then I went on to what I thought would be a very long explanation only to catch myself noticing that probably all she wanted to hear was about the Yoga Alliance, which by the way, is not a certification but just a register, and only guarantees that a student took a one-month course -200 hours. ‘Yes of course’, I said, I am in the Yoga Alliance registry.

Say what you want about the alliance, I know there is a lot of controversy around it but the truth is studios know about it and want it.

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Drishti: one of the spices of the practice – Sharath Conference Feb 6 2011

Sharath’s little boy seemed pretty curious about my notebook, he took it from me and said “notebook”, to which his sister replied something in Hindi I did not get.  He is way too cute!  Later as the students were coming in Pratak had him in his arms, and he kept asking each student: “What is your name?”

Sharath opened the conference talking about drishtis (or eye focus points for each of the poses), apparently some students had been asking him about it.  So he listed all of them and talked how they help in bringing about concentration.

He also discussed the importance of sticking to the technique explained in the shastras (scriptures), in the proper way, to respect the tradition and the teachings of the lineage.

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Claudia’s Guide to Mysore, India

So you are finally ready to visit Mysore… Congrats!  Read on and get ready for the adventure…
Traditional delicious food

If you are a woman planning  read this post first, it’s THAT important. And if you are a man read it too.

Mysore is generally safe but recently there have been some security issues, and is better to be safe than sorry.  Now back to the post.

Ever since my first trip to Mysore I wanted to have a comprehensive list of information, as in: when to go, how to prepare, what to pack, places to stay, where to eat, etc.

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Fascinating Mysore blogpost accounts of the past 30 days

It’s the time of the year when many ashtangis travel to Mysore, the world capital of Ashtanga.  Here are a few accounts of what is happening:

Fresh off the blogosphere I found an interview with Sharath himself done, well, today!: “Find an authentic yoga method and go to the sources to learn” he advises.

He closes with: “You have to be a student your whole life. Yoga is never ending. It’s like the ocean and what we have learned is like a small drop. There is a lot to learn and four our whole life we keep learning“.… Read the rest

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