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Yoga: Visiting Omkar 108 Yoga in Los Angeles

What does Omkar mean? I wondered, and google told me that first of all it:

Causes you to be systematic, technical, and attentive to detail

My first practice after a lot of confusion and suffering in my life happened today when I had the privilege of visiting Omkar 108 Ashtanga Yoga in Los Angeles.

From outside, on the back of the studio, there is a speaker so you can hear mantras – I thought I recognized Manju’s CD which I find energizing and focusing.


I was there early so I peeked in, and saw one of the assistants practicing an advanced pose.… Read the rest

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Yoga: Where Have I Been?

Hi, glad to be back here, and in touch with you guys.  First things first, I have moved to Los Angeles California.

Life threw a really bad ball curve my way, and I’ve been in a cave healing a broken heart.

I decided to move to Los Angeles to put some distance and recover, so that is where I am right now.

I don’t yet have a home or work, which is pretty scary, but I am trusting that the universe delivers us into the situations we need to embody to learn and grow spiritually.

I am also very grateful to have friends that are helping me get started in a whole new town.… Read the rest

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