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19 Benefits of Sitting in Silence

Sitting in silence is a HIGHLY PERSONAL experience, but,  it is also a very real one.  

By now you already know my stand on that word… “meditation”, you know that don’t like it.  Here is why.   

Sitting in Silence, is my preference of words… and when it comes to it, just like with everything that is personal, only you can detect the benefits it brings to you — which I would love to hear about. 

However, I can tell you of the ones I found… so far… as benefits for me.

Because there is no end to the rabbit hole:

  1. The patterns that my mind uses to distract me become very clear.
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Why I Hate The Word “Meditation”

I hate the word meditation because it has been exploited by institutions/lineages/teachers to push the agendas or beliefs they think to be ‘the truth for everyone’. …

Or…. to ask for money they would like to charge.

For example, a center in downtown New York City asked me for 1500 dollars three years ago to give me private instruction.

I hung up the phone and forgot about them.

Still other groups impose rituals that need to be learned.  None of that is necessary.

All of that is just more things to add… Do this, learn this, chant this, fill this bowl.

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Maehle’s New Book on Meditation Spills ALL Yoga Secrets

You know how people say that yoga used to be “secret” with its techniques kept safely away from the eyes of common people like me?

And you know how, in contrast, today people say that this is no longer the case?  Well, I call B/S on that!


I just finished reading Gregor Maehele’s last book Yoga Meditation.  In it, he spills ALL the secrets of meditation as intended by Patanjali and his eight limbs, all the way to how exactly you can access the mystical states of samadhi. One by one,  They are all there.

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Walk Through Walls In 7 Steps

Everyone wants to follow their passion. I want to follow mine. I hope you want to follow yours. But how often have I said to myself one of these excuses: “I can’t right now because” , or “I’m not good enough because…”, or  “I have a foreign accent” and I put myself in a prison that I created and I lock the doors behind me. 

How do we break down the wall that we, through our “education”, “culture”, “backgrounds”, etc, put up brick by brick for ourselves. I know it’s hard for me to break down this wall for myself. It’s a process I go through every day. 

When I was growing up in Argentina, people were disappearing right off the streets and never returning because they dared to break down the wall.Read the rest
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Which Is The Best Method For Meditation?

Someone asked me this question directly in Quora: Which is the best method of Meditation? Some say chant Hare Krishna mantra… some advise to focus on a flame. Listening to so many ideas I have become confused. I am unable to find the best method for me…

Answer: Just the fact that you are curious and want to start is all that is needed.  There are indeed thousands of techniques but they mean NOTHING unless they resonate with you, unless they make sense to you.  

I think what you are doing is right, you can read about it, listen to people, give them a chance to say what has worked for them, but the landscape of our inner imagery is private, our own mythology depends on how your nervous system works, how your own way of responding to life happens, how you grew up, where you live, who you live with, the amount of peace you have access to.

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