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Moon Day Slow Practice with Grimmly and Ramaswami

A slow gentle practice is what I wanted for today since it is a moon day in Ashtanga.  I wanted to start practicing some of the meditative subroutines of Vinyasa Krama so I looked at Grimmly’s book for that, fantastic resource by the way, and ended up doing just two subroutines within the meditative sequence (Day 51) as I was pressed for time.

I should have included the five minute paschimotanasana come to think of it, but I forgot.  This was good anyway, it does indeed leave you in good conditions for concentration.

After the sun salutes and the sub-routines I did what Ramaswami taught us in the workshop last Saturday, for which I am so grateful.

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Things To Do On Moon Days, Like Today

Maybe you have seen this picture around Facebook?  I love it.

I found it through Mikko’s page, whom by the way is about to open a new shala in Copenhagen, see here for their Facebook page, I will have more info soon.

The photo was originally shared by Amir Jut, who takes great pictures and posts them in Facebook regularly.

And on that note, the moon did not always looked the way it does today, here is NASA showing us the evolution of the beautiful satellite starting at -5.4 Billion years ago and all the way to today! Check out the heavy stellar bombardment that happens at around minute 1.

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Red Blood Moon

Coming back from dinner with HB he stops and looks at the moon, he tells me how as a kid he used to connect with the energy of the full moon, let it into his heart and call upon the power of Isis (the Egyptian Godess of magic and life) for the upcoming month.

(Pictures from NASA).

I look on the web and see the extraordinary events about to occur, a full moon with an eclipse which will turn it red, and a meteorite shower, a display of interstellar wonder for our eyes only, if we are awake.  Of course I do not mean that literary, I will probably be asleep by 1:33 AM Eastern time, but the magic is happening anyway.… Read the rest

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21 Things I wish someone told me before I started practicing Ashtanga yoga

I was completely intrigued by Ashtanga at first sight, starting with its brutal schedule, its lack of poetry (no “feel the earth’s energy flow through you” ever heard in a class) and mythological superstition, as in:  no new poses to be taught on Tuesdays because it is ruled by Mars which is the God of war.
Finally!,  I thought to myself, a very specific approach which, in spite of having a lot in common with all other styles, has one single element that makes it stand out: it is done as a self-practice where each student arrives in their own time and does his or her practice while the teacher comes around to adjust individually. Known as the Mysore style (due to its birth-place in India), I ventured into it with an open heart one April fool’s day.  Looking back there are a few things I wish someone had whispered in my ear as I embarked on such a colossal journey, these are 21 of the most notorious:
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