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Sharath Gives a Mantra to Stop the Shaking: You Know Who You Are

Question: “If there is shaking in an asana, how do you know if its just the body changing or if its fear?”
Sharath: “Which posture?”
Edwin: “Navasana and Parshva Dhanurasana
Sharath: “It is fear. Ill give you a mantra: ‘Jay Hanuman’ He is the god which gives you strength. That’s what I would say when Guruji was coming to give me backbends. 🙂 “

And on another front, I always enjoy reading about the  Purification system:
This purification system is not instant. It’s not like making instant noodles 🙂 Today everyone wants things instantly. You need to be a student for a long time before you become a teacher.

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Ashtanga Yoga is a Treasure Hunt – Blogs and Twits on Sharath’s Conference

Ashtanga Yoga takes time! David here tells of what he heard in conference yesterday. I wonder. Does this make ashtanguis “pirates”?

Pirate Yoga.  Can almost see the t-shirt!

Reaping the benefits of Ashtanga yoga,touted as the only yoga that includes all the angas, and therefore represents the one sure way to purify the mind and body and ultimately attain knowledge “is not like making noodles. It takes time…

It is  a treasure hunt.-  He linked the longtime experience to a search for the enduring knowledge and benefits that follow from the practice.

Here is David’s full post.

Some insights coming from Twitter-land about what was discussed in the conference also come from Owl:

One student is coming to me, my shoulder is paining.

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Just Don’t Call me a Lazy Man: From Martina’s Blog: Sharath in Conference

Question: Will you be taking Guruji’s place after his passing?
Sharath: “There is only on Guruji. No one can replace Guruji. No one can put their feet in his shoes. We all have faith in him and in the practice. I will not change the system, I am connected to Guruji, if you like what I do, call me whatever you want. Just don’t call me a lazy man! ” 🙂

Why do you think Sharath would joke about that?

“Don’t call me lazy”

Wonder if he got it ingrained so much that he is really scared someone will!  

My friend Martina just posted the whole conference, read about it here!
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Fake Drinking the Cow Pee: Sharath in Conference March 2011

Martina is still in Mysore, and she granted me permission to republish her article on Sharat’s latest conference. I am sure you would enjoy her blogThank you Martina! And here it is.

Just in case you are new to the blog, Sharath Jois is the current head of the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.

Sharath spoke about the importance of a vegetarian diet for the purpose of better health and ahimsa (non-harming). He quoted one of Guruji’s favorite Ayurvedic mantras about the importance of eating ghee to sharpen the brain, milk to increase lifespan, and fresh food to feel fresh.
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Interesting things I saw on the ride from Mysore to Bangalore

As the driver pulled away and the voyage to Bangalore got on the way I was already half asleep, as any ashtangi would be by 9:00 PM. but HB kept text-ing me to stay away, at least until the plane, therefore I got some sightseeing.  Aside from the eternal back road and infinite chai shops, these things called my attention:

A sign for the ashram of Nityananada, a Sanyasy whom I first heard of in 2004.  Apparently he attained samadhi or eternal realization very early and set out to teach.  He is, mind you, from Southern India, and seeing his picture made me think of how everything is interconnected.

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