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Yoga Meditation: The Proper Way

I’ve not learned yoga meditation directly from a teacher in the past 18 years. Then, Gregor Maehle published his fourth book: Yoga Meditation in 2003.

This is by far my favorite book of his, not only because it is well written and easy-to-understand, but also because I had never found all the information in one place.

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I chose the back of the book here to show the “Yantras” (mystical diagrams) shape and colors which are forms we can visualize in the advanced stages of meditation

Vipassana Meditation Drove Me Crazy

I’ve tried Vipassana, and on my first 10-day course I felt like I was going insane. … Read the rest

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Yoga: Yes You Can Be Enligthened

If you are reading this then you are ready to learn secrets of yoga that have been kept for thousands of years, not so much because they were locked away, but because getting to the core of them was too hard. Too many books to read, too many different schools and practices.

I am creating a new bookclub (chapter by chapter exploration) of the book Samadhi.  See the bottom of this article for the book club I did on his pranayama book.

I wish I was

It is possible to attain the highest freedom

It is possible to attain the highest freedom, click on the book to read with me

free from thoughts, and that nothing woul bother me, I wish I was what people say is enlightened, a state of flow, or Samadhi, but life has a way to give us experiences so that we learn what we need to learn when we are ready.… Read the rest

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What if Patanjali is a Scam?

We went to a party over the weekend and the detail that called my attention the most was the instructions on how to get there.  the e-mail read: “When you get close to our house, you will want to refer to these directions even if you have a GPS …
A beautiful path on a New York National Park

Even if.

Later on talking to James I wondered for a moment: What if Patanjali has it wrong? What if his GPS is wrong? What do we know after all.

James took it to an extreme and proposed “what if Patanjali is a scam?”  He is not, we were just playing with words, playing with the territory.

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Where oh Where Does Patanjali Mention Vinyasa in the Yoga Sutras?

What if someone was to ask you (very likely): Hey! where does Patanjali ever say anything about vinyasa?  Maybe even with a threatening tone or something, doubting your yoga knowledge to the point of making your serpent spine shake. What then?

Vinyasa is the linking of the breath with each movement while practicing asana or poses. It is sacred. It must happen for the practice to be effective.

And where oh where did Krishnamacharya get that from? how did he and his guru gather this tiny bit of information from the 2000 year old Yoga Sutras?

As you know sutra 2.46 is the most famous sutra in the world (make that in my world):  2.46 Sthira Sukham Asanam, or: Sitted position should be comfortable and steady.

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