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The Yoga Podcast #8 – From Corporate World To Yoga Teacher: Jessica Blanchard

I met Jessica while daydreaming of leaving the corporate world around 2005/6.  She was a resident teacher at Yoga Thailand, a great place in Ko Samui led by Paul and Jutima Dallaghan. I was a stressed out worker who did not enjoy the cubicle life.

But Jessica had been in the corporate world too.  And that is what attracted me to read about her, because I thought if she could do it, maybe I could too…

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This morning I wrote: “yoga stretching is a bitch!” 


I don’t use bad words in posts. 

But supta-kurmasana is a bitch! I can’t help it.

my sorry attempt at Supta-Kurmasana

And, I know, I’m breaking bad, I’m tearing down my own previously decorated rule of never using ‘bad’ words.

But the first thing I read in the morning was a Tweet from Louis C. K., who IS the yogi with my utmost respect these days: “That shit is foul” he tweeted.

Sometimes (often) my life is not “consistent” with what is supposed to be the yoga ideal.

Here are 14(?) things that happen to you when you’ve been onto yoga for a long time:

– Peace has the sound “pee” in it.

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YOGA Q&A: Should Any Studio Train Ashtanga Yoga Teachers? Do I Dishonor The Tradition By Going to A Non-Authorized Teacher?

Terri (I will call her Terri has she asked me to keep her private), suggested I write about two questions she had about Ashtanga Yoga in particular and that originated from a recent Facebook post, done by a studio, in which they announced they would be holding a teacher training on Ashtanga Yoga.  The post sparked some controversy. Here are the two interesting questions from Terri and my answers:

1) Should any studio be training Ashtanga Yoga Teachers? (Other than the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in India)?

It depends on how you interpret “Ashtanga”. 

The word Ashtanga means “eight limbs” as was described by that old sage Patanjali in chapter two of  his two-thousand year-old Yoga Sutras, (a book that is like the “bible” of yoga) and it is not propriety of anyone on the planet as far as I know. 

Therefore if we look at it from the perspective of Patanjali, that of teaching the eight limbs of yoga then yes, any studio can teach this, and I would hope that is what most studios are indeed teaching, although I have made it known in this blog how I feel that pranayama and meditation are missing from many a teacher training.

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Would You Let Your Yoga Teacher Stand On You While in Pain And Bleeding?

I struggle with the idea of trusting a teacher so much so as to lay on the floor bleeding and not question his motives. Do you trust your teacher like this? The question comes from T, who commented on one of the Conference Reports from earlier this year in which Sharath related the story of Pattabhi Jois being in Kapotasana, bleeding due to a rock under his arm, while Krishnamacharya gave a lecture standing on him. [picture below].

My first reaction is of course not.  I would not trust anyone to stand on me while I am bleeding.  I feel a deconstruction is in order.

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The First Western Student to Visit P. Jois and his Book: Yoga Self Taught

Andre Van Lysebeth (1919-2004) was the first western to arrive at Pattabhi Jois’ shala in 1964. I was not even born then… Wikipedia does not say much about him, perhaps because he is Belgian and his website is in French or perhaps because… I don’t know why.

I got curious about him when I read that he arrived so early at Jois’ place, and looked him up, also got his book Yoga Self Taught.  It turns out he spent quite a bit of time in India, mostly in the Sivananda tradition and the Vishwayatan ashram in Dehli, one I had never heard of before.

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