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What is the Difference Between Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga?

Both Vinyasa and Ashtanga are terms derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the bible of yoga. However, I have a feeling that when this question is asked in Internet forums, as I have found to be the case twice in the past week, it seems to relate more about what can one expect in an American class offering either of them.

In this light I have divided the answer in three layers, listing the differences (or similarities) according to (a) the Yoga Sutras, (b) according to today’s lineage holders, and (c) according to how it is taught in America these days, to the level of my understanding.

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7 One-Liners That Changed My Life On the Spot

One line can change the world: Because when someone hears something that resonates deeply, it produces internal change, and then her life is changed.  That is real alchemy. When she changes then the people around her also change. Then the people around the people that change also change. Here are my: Aha! moments from one-liners:

When Marianne Williamson said:

“To attract the coolest man in the world, become the coolest woman in the world”


“Cinderella was having a ball when she met the prince”

My whole view of relationships changed. I started taking dance lessons. I started having fun.

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What is yoga? come again?

 to actually understand this [the definition of yoga] in one’s being is of a wholly 

different order. To understand words and concepts is easy, but to let 
the experience of yoga penetrate deep into one’s heart, to realize 
fully what one is made of, and, finally, to establish the mind in the 
Self—these are very difficult. 
Patthabi Jois

Sometimes I find myself caught in what I think is “yogic” vs what I do not think it is, matter of fact I had written a whole post which I did not publish because I came to the conclusion that perhaps I was trying to make yoga what I wanted it to be, which seems to be a general tendency, at least for me.… Read the rest

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