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11 Reasons Why Women Need To Become Idea Machines Now

We are at a point in history where we have to stop pretending we are not brilliant beings. 
We, as women, need to become idea machines, pronto.  
The power that comes through it is a gift we owe to the world. 
We have to own our talent and admit that we have something to bring to the table. 
We are in a magnificent position to affect change in the world in a feminine way.  There is no winning in playing small anymore.

I said that recently at Fei’s podcast

And… Of course….

In true “Idea Machine style”… 

that conversation invited me to elaborate and come up with ten/eleven reasons why it is so important for women (and men, of course) but specifically, in this case, for women, to become idea machines.
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Ever Wonder What a Certification to Teach From AYRI Looks Like?

I remember when interviewing for a teaching position earlier this year and the studio owner asked: ‘Are you certified’?

Right then I went on to what I thought would be a very long explanation only to catch myself noticing that probably all she wanted to hear was about the Yoga Alliance, which by the way, is not a certification but just a register, and only guarantees that a student took a one-month course -200 hours. ‘Yes of course’, I said, I am in the Yoga Alliance registry.

Say what you want about the alliance, I know there is a lot of controversy around it but the truth is studios know about it and want it.

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Back to Pure Yoga, and John is Teaching in Thailand!

Ahhh how delicious it was to come into the packed Mysore room at Pure Yoga, see the familiar faces, get a hug or two, let my patches show (which produce an acupuncture-like effect) to the world.  Also pretty humbling to go only to navasana. But I did not care, I mean, for me, I was GOING to Navasana!

It was great to be in the energy of the room, and I was pretty winded by the time the boat pose came around.

Marichasana D binded fine on the first side which had me believe it would be the same on the other.

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32 Unusual Ways to Start Paying Attention to Your Breath – Pranayama Preliminaries

Avoid pranayama if you are a dragon

Breath-Extension or Pranayama is that relatively obscure 4th limb of yoga that has not yet gone mainstream. Will it ever? Of course! And think of the possibilities!  Life extension, freedom from diseases, a clear mind,  what is there not to like about it?

Starting a pranayama practice is a process, it requires finding right instruction, the blessing of a good teacher, time to dedicate it to a practice, building up a routine, etc. It is a practice just as much as asana, yamas, or meditation is.

And yet, beginning is simple because pranayama starts with awareness, continues with measurement and extension, and results in a focused and peaceful mind.

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