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How Much Exactly Do We Understand Each Other?

Oriah Mountain Dreamer is a woman whose real name we might never find out.  She is also the author of a book I love. A few days ago she posted on Facebook wall something about a deaf man who criticized Isadora Duncan (a great dancer), it read:

“his deafness meant he could not hear her music so did not “get” her movements…”

Then she posed the question/s:

Do my/your choices sometimes seem incomprehensible because we’re not hearing each other’s music/soul song? 

Remembering this, could we broaden/deepen our heart listening, or offer our music in a way that could be more easily heard by other hearts?
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How to silence a woman, and a man, or not

As I was driving along a scenic route towards Shop Rite yesterday afternoon I heard about how sometimes we get captured by Hades, the saboteur, the one that tells us that we cannot, should not, will not. Victims of the spell just like Persephone we are dragged into a corner, following that part that disables our creative ignition and stops us cold in our momentum track. That voice that is so convincing we render ourselves powerless, you know the one?

I fell in love with Clarissa Pinkola ever since I read Women who run with the wolves, I enjoy how she breaks into Spanish at any turn in the story telling, and how she weaves stories into the depth of the female (and male) psychic bringing healing with each word.… Read the rest

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