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Patience, Oils, and Changing Ourselves – Sharath Conference 9/9/12

Found these notes taken by Megan, gratitude to her for taking them and sharing on the Jois Yoga page in Facebook.  Interesting things coming out of Msyore, below is the story:

UPDATE: Grimmly pointed out there were notes from the previous conference (9/2) as well, thanks G! – I posted them after the first one here.

For those of you not familiar with Ashtanga, Sharath is the current Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and once a week he offers a “conference” or, what we would call a “talk”, followed by questions from students.  This one happened last Sunday:

“You can’t change this world but you can change yourself.” –Sharath Jois
There are millions of asanas and only God knows them all.  They are named for many living beings.  We know only a few but think we are masters.
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I Am Dracula, Don’t Ask About My Practice – Sharath Q&A Friday 13th

Dracula definitely puts the cherry on the top on this Friday the 13th.  I suppose Sharath is the last person I would have thought would compare himself to such a dark, night character, but there you have it.

Here is the Questions and Answers from today, and yes, I had a pen and paper on me, about time!

Q: Yoga Sutra 1.33 says that when people are mean to you, you need to be indifferent, does that mean not talk to them at all? – [You may be rightly guessing who asked this – [yes, me]]

Sharath:  The Yoga Sutras are difficult to understand, not easy [laughter].

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Q&A with Sharath April 12, Greenwich, CT

Led class was sweaty and full today.  James was put into head-stand with Saraswati’s help.  It was not the first time he did it but it was the first time I saw it, and it was beautiful.

Conference time started with Sharath asking for questions this time. Some came through and again I did not have pen and paper nearby so this is what I remember of the answers.  What was striking was the silence, and respect in the room.

Q: The goal of yoga is to get to the now, to being fully present. During asana practice I find that easier when the poses are very difficult, but when they get easier my mind tends to wander…

Sharath:  Yes, it is important to maintain focus.

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Mini Conference Reminders From Sharath

This morning Sarawatti  got me to get the hands through the lotus legs in Garba Pindasana, wedding and engaging ring and all, and with no water sprayed on them… A first.  She also rolled me around and I am pretty sure there is a picture or a video of it, hope it does not make it to the Facebook.  I was just not sweaty enough and I thought I would get away with just rolling with free hands.  Not the case.

Back home I realize it is the rest time of the month for me. No wonder I have little ideas for blog posts.

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