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Patience, Oils, and Changing Ourselves – Sharath Conference 9/9/12

Found these notes taken by Megan, gratitude to her for taking them and sharing on the Jois Yoga page in Facebook.  Interesting things coming out of Msyore, below is the story:

UPDATE: Grimmly pointed out there were notes from the previous conference (9/2) as well, thanks G! – I posted them after the first one here.

For those of you not familiar with Ashtanga, Sharath is the current Director of the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and once a week he offers a “conference” or, what we would call a “talk”, followed by questions from students.  This one happened last Sunday:

“You can’t change this world but you can change yourself.” –Sharath Jois
There are millions of asanas and only God knows them all.  They are named for many living beings.  We know only a few but think we are masters.
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I Am Dracula, Don’t Ask About My Practice – Sharath Q&A Friday 13th

Dracula definitely puts the cherry on the top on this Friday the 13th.  I suppose Sharath is the last person I would have thought would compare himself to such a dark, night character, but there you have it.

Here is the Questions and Answers from today, and yes, I had a pen and paper on me, about time!

Q: Yoga Sutra 1.33 says that when people are mean to you, you need to be indifferent, does that mean not talk to them at all? – [You may be rightly guessing who asked this – [yes, me]]

Sharath:  The Yoga Sutras are difficult to understand, not easy [laughter].

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Would You Let Your Yoga Teacher Stand On You While in Pain And Bleeding?

I struggle with the idea of trusting a teacher so much so as to lay on the floor bleeding and not question his motives. Do you trust your teacher like this? The question comes from T, who commented on one of the Conference Reports from earlier this year in which Sharath related the story of Pattabhi Jois being in Kapotasana, bleeding due to a rock under his arm, while Krishnamacharya gave a lecture standing on him. [picture below].

My first reaction is of course not.  I would not trust anyone to stand on me while I am bleeding.  I feel a deconstruction is in order.

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Finished talking? I can wait if you want to talk.  Says Sharath at 4:05 PM -shala time, which is 15 minutes ahead of real time- as we begin the conference today. About 350 people in the room, some in the foyer, about three (or three hundred?) children can be heard in the audience.  Feels like family.

Sharath: Many times I’ve told you that by doing asanas, yamas and niyamas are also very important to follow to bring meaning ot the practice. If we want the practice to be complete asana is not enough.  Asana is the beginning not the end, asana is the begining of the spiritual practice.

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Everyone set? You come to this site! Those were Sharath words this morning as he was, once again, directing traffic within the shala at the most crowded conference I have ever seen, with possibly around 400 people in it.
That is early on, there was no room for a single more body
when it filled completely

I never take pictures in the shala because there is a sign that says it is forbidden,  so imagine my surprise when the assistatn director of the documentary that was about to be shown, a project headed and directed by Alex Medin, told me that it was OK, that she needed a few, and liked my camera.

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