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Yoga Meditation: The Proper Way

I’ve not learned yoga meditation directly from a teacher in the past 18 years. Then, Gregor Maehle published his fourth book: Yoga Meditation in 2003.

This is by far my favorite book of his, not only because it is well written and easy-to-understand, but also because I had never found all the information in one place.

Click on the image to get and read the book

I chose the back of the book here to show the “Yantras” (mystical diagrams) shape and colors which are forms we can visualize in the advanced stages of meditation

Vipassana Meditation Drove Me Crazy

I’ve tried Vipassana, and on my first 10-day course I felt like I was going insane. … Read the rest

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My Part in this Mess

It is difficult to glance at the news today, it hurts, and at the same time it’s irresponsible to avoid them.  Yes, it’s troublesome and it throws me off-center.  But it’s happening, and as per Marianne Williamson’s recent talk, pretending to be all spiritual and denying the reality around me, thinking I am beyond because I am on a spiritual path is tone deaf.

From the children still in cages in Texas crying “mami!” or returning to their parents with PTSD or worse, dead, to the desperation I imagine the mothers must be feeling, to an administration that has thrown all decency out the window and threatens countries through Twitter to divert attention from treason, to racial profiling and killing, to the Muslim ban, denying climate change, exploiting all resources for profit, and so on.… Read the rest

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David Keil’s Amazing: “Functional Anatomy Of Yoga” Book Review

I just interviewed David Keil for “The Yoga Podcast’ (launching in January- He will be the guest of the first episode).

To prepare for the podcast, I read very carefully his latest book “Functional Anatomy Of Yoga, A Guide For Practitioners and Teachers.  

And I also watched all his DVDs again.   

That was a LOT of anatomy in one week!

My copy before I filled it with

And I have to tell you it had a PROFOUND effect on me.

For starters, it slowed down my practice, way down, because at every pose I would remember tiny bits of information and go:

 “Ohhh… THAT is what he means“, 

and then move onto, say, “revolved triangle” and go “Ahhh… There is where the thoracic spine gets to twist!” and on and on and on and on….

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YOGA Q&A: Should Any Studio Train Ashtanga Yoga Teachers? Do I Dishonor The Tradition By Going to A Non-Authorized Teacher?

Terri (I will call her Terri has she asked me to keep her private), suggested I write about two questions she had about Ashtanga Yoga in particular and that originated from a recent Facebook post, done by a studio, in which they announced they would be holding a teacher training on Ashtanga Yoga.  The post sparked some controversy. Here are the two interesting questions from Terri and my answers:

1) Should any studio be training Ashtanga Yoga Teachers? (Other than the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in India)?

It depends on how you interpret “Ashtanga”. 

The word Ashtanga means “eight limbs” as was described by that old sage Patanjali in chapter two of  his two-thousand year-old Yoga Sutras, (a book that is like the “bible” of yoga) and it is not propriety of anyone on the planet as far as I know. 

Therefore if we look at it from the perspective of Patanjali, that of teaching the eight limbs of yoga then yes, any studio can teach this, and I would hope that is what most studios are indeed teaching, although I have made it known in this blog how I feel that pranayama and meditation are missing from many a teacher training.

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John Campbell’s Brilliance

I finally had a chance to talk to John -my Ashtanga yoga teacher in NYC- as you all recommended, and regarding my paralyzing lower back pain that happened a few weeks ago.  John asked me to give a chronological account of what exactly happened, I said:

– 2 weeks ago woke up with spasms of back pain which immobilized me.
– Any movement at all sent me into agony
– Stopped practicing
– David Garrigues and Joy recommended I read Mind Over Back Pain.
 I did.
– Realized some emotional conversations had to take place. I had those conversations.

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