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Yoga: Visiting Omkar 108 Yoga in Los Angeles

What does Omkar mean? I wondered, and google told me that first of all it:

Causes you to be systematic, technical, and attentive to detail

My first practice after a lot of confusion and suffering in my life happened today when I had the privilege of visiting Omkar 108 Ashtanga Yoga in Los Angeles.

From outside, on the back of the studio, there is a speaker so you can hear mantras – I thought I recognized Manju’s CD which I findĀ energizingĀ and focusing.


I was there early so I peeked in, and saw one of the assistants practicing an advanced pose.… Read the rest

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How My and Your Life Can Be Made Sooo Much Betta!

I’m in a fog, my brain isn’t working, I could not practice this morning and even moving my eyes from one spot to another makes my head hurt, maybe is some sort of virus, I don’t know, what I do know is that this is as good a time as any other, in fact might be the perfect opportunity to share my ideas about all these companies I love, and of which I would like to be in the board of directors.
Why would I like to be on the board of directors?  Three reasons:
a) I love them all
b) I have ideas, big ideas, and they need to hear them because they would make my and every one’s lives better, and
c) I use their services all the time, non stop, in fact there is not a single day that goes by without me checking them up.
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Iceland- Land of the Midnight Sun (Photos)

As destiny would have it,  we landed in Iceland last night, on a June midnight, which gives the legendary slogan to the place “the land of the midnight sun”.  They were not kidding… here are some photos:
Landing on the midnight sun (from the plane)
The time at the airport, that is PM

A sculpture right outside

Downtown Reykjavik

cute blue door

red doors

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God’s Speed

At the very start of the trip back from Mysore to Bangalore the driver stopped suddenly and for now reason.  I asked what happened? He said it was because of the temple. I liked that idea, even thought it auspicious. But as with everything in foreigner lands, things get lost in translation, it turns out he was really waiting for a call indicating that food was ready and he could pick it up before even picking up his co-driver. We had two more stops I was unaware of.  I was upset.  Not so much for the time, I knew we would make it to the airport with plenty of time for my flight, but more because he did not tell me the truth.… Read the rest
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The Day He Went Hiking with Another Woman

13 years ago I met a man who had the same birthday as me. That was enough for me to declare him “the One”.

Seven months into the relationship we were on our first romantic trip together. Somewhere between Madrid and Barcelona one afternoon I was feeling tired, hungry, and in need of rest.  He wanted to go hiking. I was hoping we would eat dinner and cuddle. He decided to go for the hike with Claire, a beautiful, younger than me, woman he had just met.  “I want you to stay with me” I said. He left with Claire.

I cried for hours in the green tent.

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