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Visiting India? 9 Tips to travel safe

Visiting India CAN be safe but precautions need to be taken because the sanitation standards are different.

Before I left for Mysore on my last trip I visited my doctor and got some advise, I also learned lots from my very own roommates in India, and collectively here is the knowledge I have.

1- Don’t Drink Tap Water

Water in India is unsafe, just like it is in Mexico, so when you are showering close your mouth and be especially careful when washing your hair.

Just to give you an example, one of my roommates did not believe the fuzz and one night brushed her teeth with tub water.  … Read the rest

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8 Reasons why I chose to practice Ashtanga (and continue to do so)

I will never preach, or try to convince anyone of anything, but I can tell you “some” of the reasons why I came into Ashtanga. Why it has worked for me and how it continues to work.

Picture is from the wonderful yoga magazine Namarupa

1-Regularity and no mind
It is practiced every day, six times a week, (no Saturdays, and no full moon or new moon), no questions asked, no excuses. I liked this because it gave me a tremendous sense of discipline, and a focus for the day. There is also a great feeling in knowing that you have “accomplished something” and it is not even 9 AM.
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