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There are so many styles of yoga out there!  Many are derivations of major lineages, many are recent creations, others are mergers.  Here is a post that attempts to shine light at what you may find out there in studios throughout the world.

I have used, among other books, all of these in the picture below, plus what I have in the I-Pad to provide the most value I can offer.  I hope you like it.

So much to read!

At the same time this is a post, not a book, so it might be recommended that you continue your own search, take some classes, and come up with your own decision on which path to follow.

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What is the Difference Between Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga?

Both Vinyasa and Ashtanga are terms derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the bible of yoga. However, I have a feeling that when this question is asked in Internet forums, as I have found to be the case twice in the past week, it seems to relate more about what can one expect in an American class offering either of them.

In this light I have divided the answer in three layers, listing the differences (or similarities) according to (a) the Yoga Sutras, (b) according to today’s lineage holders, and (c) according to how it is taught in America these days, to the level of my understanding.

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Moon Day Slow Practice with Grimmly and Ramaswami

A slow gentle practice is what I wanted for today since it is a moon day in Ashtanga.  I wanted to start practicing some of the meditative subroutines of Vinyasa Krama so I looked at Grimmly’s book for that, fantastic resource by the way, and ended up doing just two subroutines within the meditative sequence (Day 51) as I was pressed for time.

I should have included the five minute paschimotanasana come to think of it, but I forgot.  This was good anyway, it does indeed leave you in good conditions for concentration.

After the sun salutes and the sub-routines I did what Ramaswami taught us in the workshop last Saturday, for which I am so grateful.

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Is ideology like cocaine? – picture –

Yogi Arturo wonders if oreos in pinaple, raspberry and blueberry flavors are just an Asian thing, are they?

Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga?

This Yogi needs help with his dilema of what to call his class?

Grimmly returns to his roots of Vinyasa Krama after a few weeks of Ashtanga. We understand, the Vinyasa Krama does include all limbs in each practice, and that is priceless!

The 9 ways to guarantee success at James’ blog, look awfully similar to yoga sutra #… can you tell which one? – Interesting that one commentator noticed!

7 Surprises I got from the yoga sutras, via Ramaswami and from Patanjali

I found this incredible video at Eddie Stern’s Blog, check Artur out, such control, such grace…

Last Sunday’s New Blog Times

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