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There are so many styles of yoga out there!  Many are derivations of major lineages, many are recent creations, others are mergers.  Here is a post that attempts to shine light at what you may find out there in studios throughout the world.

I have used, among other books, all of these in the picture below, plus what I have in the I-Pad to provide the most value I can offer.  I hope you like it.

So much to read!

At the same time this is a post, not a book, so it might be recommended that you continue your own search, take some classes, and come up with your own decision on which path to follow.

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Krishnamacharya: 8 Stories As Told By His Son TKV Desikachar

When TKV Desikachar was a kid he refused to do asanas (yoga poses) so Krishnamacharya tied him up in the lotus position for a while, with ropes: “and left me for a while to think about it“.  The kind of thing a yogi does to his child.

I was taken back by the book, left breathless at points. It is not everyday you get such a presence in the account of the life of Krishnamacharya as it is here, seen by his son, and written with full presence and dare I say, from a state of yoga.

Here are things that did not know/surprised me:

Defying Our Common Knowledge

Let me ask you, and by you I mean you who are reading this: What is the one organ within the human body on which all others depend?

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What is the Difference Between Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga?

Both Vinyasa and Ashtanga are terms derived from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the bible of yoga. However, I have a feeling that when this question is asked in Internet forums, as I have found to be the case twice in the past week, it seems to relate more about what can one expect in an American class offering either of them.

In this light I have divided the answer in three layers, listing the differences (or similarities) according to (a) the Yoga Sutras, (b) according to today’s lineage holders, and (c) according to how it is taught in America these days, to the level of my understanding.

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Where oh Where Does Patanjali Mention Vinyasa in the Yoga Sutras?

What if someone was to ask you (very likely): Hey! where does Patanjali ever say anything about vinyasa?  Maybe even with a threatening tone or something, doubting your yoga knowledge to the point of making your serpent spine shake. What then?

Vinyasa is the linking of the breath with each movement while practicing asana or poses. It is sacred. It must happen for the practice to be effective.

And where oh where did Krishnamacharya get that from? how did he and his guru gather this tiny bit of information from the 2000 year old Yoga Sutras?

As you know sutra 2.46 is the most famous sutra in the world (make that in my world):  2.46 Sthira Sukham Asanam, or: Sitted position should be comfortable and steady.

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