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11 Reasons Why Women Need To Become Idea Machines Now

We are at a point in history where we have to stop pretending we are not brilliant beings. 
We, as women, need to become idea machines, pronto.  
The power that comes through it is a gift we owe to the world. 
We have to own our talent and admit that we have something to bring to the table. 
We are in a magnificent position to affect change in the world in a feminine way.  There is no winning in playing small anymore.

I said that recently at Fei’s podcast

And… Of course….

In true “Idea Machine style”… 

that conversation invited me to elaborate and come up with ten/eleven reasons why it is so important for women (and men, of course) but specifically, in this case, for women, to become idea machines.
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Ashtanga Yoga: Is Mysore Becoming Unsafe For Women? 3 Things You Can Do Now

A woman has recently been attacked by men in the area of Gokulam in Mysore as she was walking towards the led-ashtanga yoga-class that is held at 4:30 in the morning, and we are told, she would have been raped would it not have been for neighbors that intervened and stopped it.

Who tells me this? Anu.

Anu runs a cafe in Gokulam, Mysore, only a few blocks from the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute to which hundreds of students pour in during the months in which Sharath and Saraswati Jois (grandson and daughter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois) open the doors to teach.

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SYBT: How To Silence a Woman: Praying for Malala

Malala is a 14 year old Pakistani girl whose crime was to speak up for girls’ right to education. She has been doing this since age 11 and has even won a peace prize in Pakistan. Last week she was shot in the head twice by the Taliban.  As of an hour ago her condition was listed as “satisfactory” and the possibility of taking her to another country to continue treatment is being considered. 

The first time this particular journalist met Malala he asked what does the name mean.  “Probably a hero she said.

Madonna stripped down to bring attention to the cause.

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10 Marks Of The Wild Creative Woman

Why is it that we love it when a character in a movie does the right thing even though it means all her hopes and dreams are destroyed, trouble and discomfort will be lurking nearby, the hoped-for lover will vanish, and rivers of tears will be flowing down her pillow?

Take for example Bridget Jones. we are in the scene where both her potential love interests have just had a fight over her. Darcy, the one that is good for her, leaves the frame. The other one, the one she lusts after, is still here.  He tells her that “they belong together”.

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Gayatri Mantra Only for Men? – Updated

This is one of those posts that google “lost” last week. They recovered  2 out of 3 so far, and I am grateful.  However, the third one -still missing- was my review of David Keil’s Yoga Anatomy into which I had put hours of work.  I hope they recover it and I can get it back up soon.

In the meantime, perhaps is good to bring this post updated, as some people got involved in the comments and it made it more interesting.

This was my original question:

Someone identified as anonymous commented yesterday in the 32 Unusual Ways to Attract Abundance into Our Lives and said that the Gayatri Mantra is traditionally not to be recited by women.

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