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5 Ways To Deal With ENVY – For Real

I had a before and after, monumental shift in perception in 2004. 

Someone told me the Hawaiian saying: “Bless that which you want” meaning that if there is something you see in another that makes you angry or jealous, instead of giving in to scarcity and evil sarcasm, to bless it instead.

It turned my life around, but at first it also made me angry.  I was angry because it felt like too much. This was too big of a shift.

I would have to let go of something I had invested my whole life in, envying and blaming others for something I did not have.  And so far, that had felt good. 

Never mind that it was leaving me empty and starved, because at least I felt the false dignity of self-righteousness. 

Now, going even further and blessing it was completely out of my comfort zone at the time.  

That was WAY too much.

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10 Yoga Ways To Avoid All Suffering

Satan was my new boss.  In the summer of 2004 I was suddenly demoted from a job I did not like to a job I downright hated. Demoted!

I was placed under the supervision of a person whose favorite word seemed to be NO, which was uttered every time I opened my mouth. I would give birth to an idea, she would abort it.

My life was hell, and the chances of my leaving that job were zero because I had just bought myself a piece of the American dream. I had bought a home. Which meant I had bought a loan.

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Krishnamacharya: 8 Stories As Told By His Son TKV Desikachar

When TKV Desikachar was a kid he refused to do asanas (yoga poses) so Krishnamacharya tied him up in the lotus position for a while, with ropes: “and left me for a while to think about it“.  The kind of thing a yogi does to his child.

I was taken back by the book, left breathless at points. It is not everyday you get such a presence in the account of the life of Krishnamacharya as it is here, seen by his son, and written with full presence and dare I say, from a state of yoga.

Here are things that did not know/surprised me:

Defying Our Common Knowledge

Let me ask you, and by you I mean you who are reading this: What is the one organ within the human body on which all others depend?

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The Uggly, Bad, Good and Great of 2011, And What They Taught Me About Yoga

The UGGLY was Being Sick

Definitely unexpected, and with a malady that is so mischievous in its workings as Lyme disease is. I was lucky to meet a Chinese Doctor that helped me with the most important thing of all which was  knowing, trusting that I could heal.  Hearing him go “don’t tell me about bacteria, there is bacteria everywhere!” was  just what I needed to hear at that moment of despair.

He healed me by restoring all organs to health, and taught me a very important lesson that applies to yoga, a strong immune system will be resistant to any bacteria.  We must keep our bodies in balance and treat them well!

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Shocking: The Gita is NOT What We Thought It Was

Why is it that India, having such vast resources of land and intelligence, still sinks into poverty and lack of education? I must do something to help it! –

Imagine saying that out loud?

Author Phulgenda Sinha did, and he is not just affecting those people of Indian nationality that may be reading his book, he is affecting ME.

Sinha assumes that a people come to be and act in a way that is in accordance to the brightest thinkers of its time and radius of influence.  And of those India has had a few.  For example in Kapila (author/compiler of the Samkhya philosophy), Patanjali (compiler of the Yoga Sutras) and Vyasa (the writer of the Gita).

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