What People Are Saying About Claudia’s Work:

  • Hello, my name is Markus. I read your book “Idea Machine” and loved it. And, I gave it a try.
    For the first time in 7 years, my girlfriend liked my birthday present for her. Markus Wittkowski, Germany, May 2015.

  • I listened to the Become An Idea Machine audiobook from Audible. It just … CLICKED for me.
    I started writing down ideas. I’ve been doing it everyday for three weeks — sometimes multiple times a day. Magic entered my life. In the middle of doing random tasks like washing dishes or getting the mail or brushing my teeth, I receive these supernatural insights and downloads for other people’s businesses. When I share them, I can feel their amazement and gratitude. It is wonderful. I know I’m on the right track  – James Kerti, Designer, Entrepreneur, Personal Coach. May 2015.

  • I wanted to express my gratitude. I woke up today with no back pain after doing your back routine for the first time yesterday. – Erin Peterson ‏@dotnetcowboy Grand Bay, NB, Canada-April 2015 Here is the video 


  • EffrainI remember you talking about how yogis measure their life in breaths instead of years. Ever since, I’ve noticed how I sometimes breath too quickly and clench my jaw. Hadn’t even noticed that I did that! I try to catch myself and slow down the breath. Love your newsletters! – Efrain Martinez, Entrepreneur. Check out the “FLIP BOOK ANIMATION” of Become An Idea Machine Efrain did on YouTube – And…  Sign up for the newsletter

  • I’ve been using the 18 minute yoga video as my pre-workout routine.  I hit training right afterwards.  The yoga prepares my muscles for the workout and because it increases my flexibility I’m able to do everything with more ease and a better sense of how I should be aligned. Thank you. Michael McGuinnes, Athlete and Entrepreneur, New York. – Here is the 18 minute sequence

  • Anthony Hall YogaShe doesn’t just throw information about the practice at you, she invites you in, she doesn’t avoid the difficult questions, she often struggles with them too. Anthony Hall, Yoga Teacher, Japan.


  • Claudia is inspiring me to meditate longer and to practice yoga more often, forgetting excuses and just committing to it. Carolina Ordonez, Entrepreneur and Author of “Is That What Love Is?”


  • I am kind of jealous that Claudia came up with this book idea first.. It is fantastic! I come up with my ten ideas before bed in a bubble bath and I feel all sorts of magical inspiration. If you want to be inspired.. get it. Katie. Bloomfield Hills, MI – Here is Become An Idea Machine

  • If you are not listening to The Yoga Podcast you are missing out.  Maria Long. Daily Yoga Practitioner.  Here is The Yoga Podcast: In I-tunes or in libsyn