The Plant Power Way With Julie Piatt

Julie Piatt is my woman crush… She is the embodiment of a yoga teacher, mother of four UN-schooled children, musician, artist, supportive wife of Ultra-man husband Rich Roll. She is also a healer, and a song writer, singer.  Are you impressed? I know I am!

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Listen to her for a few minutes and you will feel elevated.  She excudes calm, confidence and centeredness.  There must be something to this raising of our vibrations when we only eat plants and meditate at 4 AM everyday.
Ever since I spoke with her last week I have been doing the meditation she “downloaded from source” called Jai Release.

I cried on the first try, it touched something very deep within me.

The second day was somewhat easier, and on the third day I was feeling great while chanting to the beautiful humming and mantras, and I plan on continuing for 40 days, and beyond… It is beautiful.

The Jai Release meditation can be found here, at her husband’s Rich Roll page.

It’s the best 9 dollars I ever invested, and I don’t say that lightly.

Julie has just released THE PLANTPOWER WAY: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family together with her Vegan Ultraman husband Rich Roll.

The book is SO EASY to follow that I am totally into it…

What is more interesting is that after tasting nutrition so easy and of this caliber I don’t even miss meat AT ALL… not even fish…


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She met her husband Rich Roll about 16 years ago when he had just finished rehabilitation.  He was an alcoholic, but his life has been transformed.

It was not easy thought… At first seeing Julie inspired Rich to be vegetarian, but the “bad” kind of vegetarian, eating foods that are highly processed like cheese and pizza…

At some point Julie had the insight to not tell him or nag him, to fully love him as he was, whatever he ate… AND THAT IS WHAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

Torre de Nachos

Torre De Nachos From The Book The PlantPower Way

Julie un-schools her four children, and is a chef of the highest caliber. Her recipes are simple, in fact here is my “TORRE DE NACHOS” from the book.

She is also a singer and song writer, and fears nothing when it comes to get onto new creative endeavors, for example, when she feared she would loose her house during a hard economic time, she started cleaning her house with the full intention of embedding it with healing and divine energy.

They kept the house…

We talked about the difference between “woo-woo” things and using our intention and the power of clear action… They are different.  She uses the light side of the force, and I learned a lot from listening to her.


– How she started creating recipes for Rich when he went “plant-based” and needed a LOT of energy after brutal trainings

– How she decided to let go of wanting to change anyone, and really respect and love people just as they are

– How her first two sons were schooled and how the youngest girls are being totally UN-SCHOOLED… One of them at 11 is already making money online with her passions…

– The ceremony she did with Rich and their 4 children to renew their vows and how everyone participated

– We talk about FAKE GURUS and Julie’s understanding of the problem… and how to deal with it

– Julie tells me about the meditation she created which I have been practicing ever since

– Why we need to stop making decisions with the mind all the time and start trusting our bodies more.

– Why we need to start trusting our bodies. How does your body feel? Stop making decisions with your mind, and start making decisions with your feeling mechanism.

– I ask Julie what took her a long time to understand



Julie and her sons

Julie and her sons




The PlantPower Way Book – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll

James Altucher Interviews Rich Roll


Claudia:                      Everyone, I am so happy to have in the yoga podcast, my “woman crush”. I’ll throw it out there. Her name is Julie Piatt. Julie, did I pronounce that right.

Julie:                           You pronounced it just fine.

Claudia:                      Thank you. Julie is a yogi, but she’s also one of those people who are very wholesome. She calls herself a true renaissance artist. She’s the creative force behind the ultra man, Rich Roll. You may have heard of him. He runs this – I don’t know, he’s probably one of the seven people in the world that runs these crazy marathons and Julie is the support system behind him, and his wife. And she is a vegan chef, a healer, and musician, and a mother of four, who home-schools her kids.

I mean it just keeps getting better. Through her Plantpower Way (that is the name of her book), Julie healed herself of what doctors thought was incurable. She’s also a musician in case you were wondering if there was anything else. She has two albums, Mother of Mine, and Jai Home. And her spiritual name, Sri Mati, S-R-I, M-A-T-I. And she recorded them with her teenager sons. So Julie, would you marry me?

Julie:                           [Laughter]. Ah, that’s very kind, very sweet, Claudia. I’m really, really happy to be on your show, and I’m equally in admiration of you and everything you’re doing with your husband as well, so thank you.

Claudia:                      So the answer is no?

Julie:                           You’ll have to ask Rich, but…

Claudia:                      [Laughter].

Julie:                           …why not?

Claudia:                      [Laughter]. You just released this book together with Rich called The Plantpower Way, and I want to get into that. But I started trying it. I’ve tried so many diets, you know, like thousands, you can say. And they’re always really complicated, especially when I try to go raw or try to do something very – you know. But the recipes here are easy.

Julie:                           Well, yeah, you know, it’s kind of – it’s interesting because I’m very, very proud of the fact that all of the recipes in The Plantpower Way are my recipes. So they were created in my very own kitchen, and they are rotating recipes that my family eats on a regular basis. And one of the requirements, and just how I am is that you mentioned all the things that I like to do in my life, right, so I don’t have a lot of time for fussiness or for…

Claudia:                      Right. No, I imagine. Four kids.

Julie:                           Right, or for like extreme detail or something. So all of my recipes are simple, they’re easy to prepare, and most of everything in the book can be prepared in under 30 minute, with the exception of a few recipes.

Claudia:                      Yeah. I ____ of that, I tried the Torre de Nachos, which is in Spanish, so I love that. It’s a tower of nachos. It’s all plant-based, all organic. James could not help himself to start, [laughter], before we – and it was absolutely delicious. And my plan it to keep going through the book because it’s just so simple. And what I like is that it tastes good.

Julie:                           Oh, I’m so glad. Well, you know, I have kind of a – I have a tough crew here to please. So Rich is an ultra man, which means that he’s not exactly a marathon runner, but he does a race called Ultra Man, which are double iron man races. So they take three full days to complete, and the training program to prepare for a race like this is insane.

So it actually – I actually started this sort of expression of artistic cooking, which is how I like to kind of approach it, really with the intention of feeding and nourishing my husband. It was really interesting because he would – he kind of said, babe, you know, I want to do this race. And I said, awesome, you know, I support you, go ahead and do the race. And I had no idea what he was doing. None. Zero.

All I knew I that the door opened up, he kissed me goodbye, and he left, and then eight hours later, the door would open up and he would come back in. And at the time, our little girls were still quite young, and the only thing I cared was that he took the child that I had in my hands, so that I could go record my album or work on my music, or do what I wanted to do.

Claudia:                      Right.

Julie:                           And one day kind of in the process of me handing him a child, he looked at me and he said, “You understand I just ran the better part of a marathon, don’t you?

Claudia:                      [Laughter].

Julie:                           And I kind of stopped and looked him, and I though, yeah, no, I had no idea that’s really what you had done.
Claudia:                      [Laughter]. 


Julie:                           So it was kind of at that point that I decided, wow, this guy is really trying to accomplish really an amazing thing in his life, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could really support him by feeding him and nourishing his body. And so I made it my focus. And when he left out the door, I would start creating recipes to feed him so that when he came home, I would replenish his body, his body would recover, the inflammation would be minimalized, and he would get up and do the same thing again the following day.

Claudia:                      And, clearly, it has worked because he’s done this not once, but a couple of times.

Julie:                           Yeah, a few times, and then actually he went on and he did a race called Epic 5, which he was one of the first two people to complete five Iron Mans on five Hawaiian islands in under seven days.

Claudia:                      Oh, I can’t even imagine that. I mean I do, you know, an hour of yoga, and I’m like, okay, that’s it. [Laughter].

Julie:                           I’m with you, Claudia. We’re the yogis. I will never, ever do that, but that is really his divine design, and his body is made do that. When supported with healthy plant-based foods, he’s just thriving, and he’s doing things in his late forties that he never could have done in his twenties.

Claudia:                      Right. You met him in yoga class 16 years ago or so?

Julie:                           Yeah.

Claudia:                      One he had a change of heart because, at first, he was a little bit of a – he was eating all unhealthy, and living the lawyer life, and having late dinners, overweight, and so on and so forth. And how was it for you to stay with him and not try to interfere being that you were so different?

Julie:                           Well, I’ll tell you, it’s a really, really, really kind of critical component to our story as a couple, and I’ll tell you that for seven years, I tried to get him to come over to my side of the street, so to speak. You know, Rich says that when you open our refrigerator, there was a very distinct demarcation to the foods I was eating, and the foods that he was eating. He was struggling, and, you know, having other challenges in his life, and it seemed so simple to me that I wanted him to just make the shift and start eating healthy, and start mediating and change his life.

And for some reason, the more that I wanted him to do this, the more paralyzed he became. So I had the great blessing of studying with an Indian master. I’m very spiritually inclined, and my life is always about seeking and studying with different masters, and mediating and journeying sort of into the other realms beyond the body. And I had this wonderful teacher, who suggested to me the concept of divine love.

And he said to me, the human love is simply a business arrangement. It’s basically we need somebody deep. We have an image that comes from us, from within us, and we project that image onto another person. And then when the person ends up not to be that image, which we projected in the first place, we then get angry at them or disillusioned with them, and it’s this kind of insanity.

And then he proposed to me that divine love is like the sun. It simply shines constantly on which whoever. It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking coffee or you’re eating junk food, or you’re a lawyer, or you’re a yogi. It simply doesn’t matter. For some reason at this point in my life, I was really able to sort of imbibe this and really take this teaching into my cells.


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