3 Things I love About “The Rich Employee” by James

FIRST thing I love about the book is the “dedication” page because it can read as fiction or non-fiction…

Dedication The Rich Employee

It could be the beginning of a science fiction novel (“In a world…”), OR, it could be the beginning of what the book is all about: A helpful tool on how to get the mind-set to be both an employee and make money at it.  


“We all need money, thank you very much, and not all of us are cut out to be entrepreneurs.”

I am stepping my own toes into the “entrepreneurship world”.

And let me tell you, being all grown-up, you know? “Co-owner?” Gown-up-type-of-title… It is a LOT of work.

When I was in the corporate world I never worked a weekend.

I have a whole new level of respect for the law firm, where I got to go home at 6 PM and listen to NPR as I drove back from the train station.

There has not been a weekend this year, since the launch of Idea Machine that I didn’t work. Sick or not, yoga or not, traveling or not…


I get it.

SECOND thing I love about the book is that I am the “managing editor and publisher”.

I am so full of myself I can’t even believe I am saying this. But I did do things for the book, I swear, I even have a chapter in it… So there!

I helped James put it together: helped with structure, line-editing, cooked meals for him while he wrote it, stayed out of his way, and checked facts, commas, periods and passive sentences.

I also helped coordinate the amazing work of Erin Tyler, who did the cover and interior design and Ian Claudius who prepared it for kindle.

It was a pleasure to work with such a talented team. I hope all my life I work with talented people. And that’s part of what the book is about.

The Rich Employee Cover Amazon

THIRD thing I love is the reviews it has been getting.

It went to #1 in the world for all non-fiction books on the first week, and that is because the message of choosing ourselves is resonating.  There are Choose Yourself Meet-ups sprouting everywhere.

And people are choosing to look at things in a different way.

Because none of us has it “easy”.  In e-mails we both get, people tell us they are scared, fearful, tired, “stuck”. Wondering: what is happening?

We all need a little rest and a word of encouragement, not another lesson in how to push harder.

I feel this book closes the circle of Choose Yourself, it is the gentle finale, the one that shows I can choose myself no matter what country or what line of work I am.

The one that fully demonstrates that the energy we create on the inside, has an effect on the amazing adventures we have on the outside, regardless of our economic situation.

You can hear James and me talk about the book in this short Ask Altucher Episode


P.S.: You can get The Rich Employee for 99 cents in Kindle (or free if Prime) or Paper Back.

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