Yoga: Four Ways To Unveil The Truth

We are all one, we just have different accents.

Unveil the Truth

Unveil the Truth

But I realize understanding we are all one is not easy.  We are pre-programmed to think I am am me and you are you.

No such thing I’m afraid, not when we are able to unveil the truth

Have I? NO, no way, my veil seems tight and needs some grease and grace to open up.  I am as blind as I am willing to open the divine veil so I can see clear now.

The rain is gone.

Here are ten ways to unveil the truth:

1. – Awake to the Certainty that We Are All ONE

You are the one, and so am I. You are one with the universe, one with the force if you will

When you look at things from the perspective of atoms, one is next to the other.  the atoms in your skin and the atoms on the air and the ones on my skin form a continuing texture… There is NO separation

Blows minds right?

2.- Let all of Your Actions be Guided by the Force

Surrendering is this, feeling the truth in our bones, accepting the guidance of intuition, praying that our actions be the Force’s actions…

Morning Ritual

This is a suggestion for a morning ritual, you can hear about it in the podcast I did with Paul Dhallagan.

  • Sit and breathe first, or lay down, but make sure you can focus for a bit
  • Feel appreciation and give thanks.  Say thank you.  For everything, for internet, for food, for love, for fear, for stress and  distress as well as for being alive and breathing and the ability to affect change.
  • Ask for forgiveness.  Say I am sorry.  Mean it.
  • Forgive others…  Say I forgive you (in your mind) never say it out loud unless someone asks you, it would be very imprudent to go to someone and say I forgive you. Don’t do that.
  • Then ask for GUIDANCE.  Ask and listen
  • Then listen again
  • Then listen some more…
  • You will hear
  • Ask that all your actions be guided by the force.
  • This is what I do.


3.- Surrender your life in the service to something higher than me:

That quick prayer:

May my thoughts be your thoughts

May my actions be your actions

May all my pleasures be taken as oblations onto thee

May I be of service to the world

May I be IN the world but NOT OF it.

Worth re-reading, worth meditating on.

Also: here is the interview with Michael Singer, who completely surrendered his life 40+ years ago.  Listen to Micky.

By the way, he told me personally:  “Grow up Claudia”.  I’m trying!

Try To Mingle With People Who Are Spiritually Oriented

If you want the highest goal, if you want access to the Force, access to wisdom, then mignling with like-minded people helps.

I am currently mingling with people who have depression in FUBIPA, here in Buenos Aires.  I also follow my brother Mariano, who is a saint although he does not admit it.

But there are books like this and this and  this and this and this

The Power Of Now

Read them or listen to them in AUDIO.

I highly recommend listening to this audio, it changed my whole life.

4.- Clean Your Glasses

Root yourself in the present moment and really listen to all sounds around you.

See what is happening WITHOUT WORDS.

no words

Just be an absorbent agent… Let yourself BE for a moment at the time.

Surrendered to the infinity of this very moment

That is how we clean the glasses, because we root ourselves in the present moment.

Take nothing as personal

Because there is no you or me.

As hard as it is we need to abandon the idea of my own and my self.  There is no such thing

You can read the Four Agreements too…

And keep your word impeccable.


So these four are the ones I use to unveil reality and know truth.

Of course it is a practice

A Daily practice.

Listen to this: A room without a view unveils the truth so soon

May the force be with you



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