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Yoga: 7 Poses To Relieve Sciatic Pain

Oh dear! I can’t move! Every single little movement feels like hell!

Woke up with a sharp pain and cannot move?



This has happened to me at least 3 times in my life.

Chances are the sciatic nerve is involved.

Because it is the LARGEST single nerve in the human body and,

It runs from each side of the lower spine (the lumbar and sacrum) through deep into the buttocks and then into the back of the thigh… And… then into the leg and foot muscles.

Sciatic Nerve

Sciatic Nerve

What Causes Sciatic and Leg Pain?

If a nerve is compressed and it touches the sciatic nerve you will feel it.… Read the rest

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Yoga: The Most Important Question Is

Why is the woman birthing, the poet writing,

the dancer dancing, the painter painting,

the worker working.

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 7.57.00 AM

My latest work of paint “La Bola Azul”


What is it that moves the pen?

animates the body, keeps the galaxies floating, makes me a cup of tea,

glares onto the stars, gets lost in thought and snaps out of it, and,

more importantly, what is it that travels in space through warm holes?

Black Hole



Who am I?

Why am I here?

What did I do?

Where’s my head?

Did I really do THAT?… Read the rest

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Yoga: Clear Your Mind With Kapalabhati (Video)

METAMORPHOSISShe called me a “roach”.  It was after a pretty heated argument. Intellectually I knew she was jealous, I knew she was just upset because I had gotten the promotion and she didn’t. Still I was fuming. Angry. Wanting revenge.

A roach? Did Kafka himself make his way into my life in an unprecedented move. Was I dreaming?

Because seriously, who calls someone THAT? Aren’t we a bit more sophisticated already?

But I am silly sometimes, and after I heard the rather strange insult, oh boy!

I was swimming in a pool of anger, hatred and black, muddy waters, filled with excrement.

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What is ONE Tip To Start Meditation?


Notice the voice that is constantly talking in your head. Usually in negative form, or criticizing others.

voicesDo you hear it? Can you notice it?

If you CAN that is GREAT…

If the voice tells you something like:

“This is not right, this answer is stupid and you should not be reading this..”

You are in luck, because:


You found it!

Can you quiet it down somehow?

Can you somehow go underneath the inner verbal diarrhea?

Can you stop it long enough just so you see how you feel when there is no constant constant commentary?Read the rest

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Yoga: 7 Poses To Relieve Back Pain Video

Testimonial About This Short Practice: I wanted to express my gratitude. I woke up today with no back pain after doing your back routine for the first time yesterday. Erin Peterson (Twitter)

The Benefits of doing this short sequence (it’s less than 10′) regularly is that you will feel your back come alive, and your posture will improve. [if you can’t see the video click here]

As you practice it, you will have a powerful and elegant stance every time you enter a room.You will even breathe easier and have a more centered attitude no matter what happens.… Read the rest

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