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The One Yoga Posture To Ease/Prevent Back Pain

This will help if you sit in a computer for long periods or if you drive a lot…Try it once an hour, Let me know.

Back Pain costs us in the United States about 85 billion dollars per year. It is a huge industry.

When the time came to investigate it for a workshop on prevention and yoga I was surprised to see that there are a ton of alternatives, movements even, that have been healing back pain in different ways since the 1950’s.

For example, there is Robin McKenzie out of Australia whom in the fifties discovered “by mistake” that extending the front of the body can help relieve back pain.

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YOGA: How Do I Motivate Myself To Practice Day After Day – 3 Suggestions

Paula shared her frustration with the repetition part of the asana practice.  Do you sometimes feel like quitting? she said.  I think is fair to say we’ve all been there at some point.

As per me,  I find that the rigidity is mostly  of the “mind” because the mind gets bored easily.  And it wants out.

[If the video is not showing, here is the link]

I also find that when the mind gets “bored” it is probably because a break-through or a deepening is happening.

Leaving the practice could be counter-productive at a time of discomfort because it is exactly when things are shifting.

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Yoga Hack: Getting to Touch your Toes in a Sited Forward-Bend

You probably heard that the body is NOT stiff… the “mind” is stiff…

Pattabhi Jois said that, and he was right… And that can be proven by this lovely little hack.

If when sited, as you attempt a forward bend, you cannot touch your toes, you can have a partner (in this case James, thanks J) touch your feet while you grab THEIR hands…

See the photo below where James helps me in two different versions. (If you can’t see the photo click “display images” on your Gmail)

On the left photo  he is hovering over me and the palms of his hands are touching my feet while I grab his wrists.

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Yoga: Start Practicing with these 3 Profound Poses

My friend Cheryl asked for the ‘impossible’:  3 poses (and only 3) to get started with yoga…

I get it though, she is a NY Times best-seller author, a fully booked coach, as well as an international public speaker, not to mention she writes, every, single, day… So … yeah, I get it, she only has a few minutes.

And so, after much thinking I came up with this short sequence which, even though is less than 10 minutes long, contains huge benefits for the body, mind and spirit.

[If the video is not showing click here to see it]

I am grateful to Cheryl for the question and quite happy that she liked it.

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3 Reasons NOT To Use A Strap On Forward Bends

Michael asked this great question on my private letter: What about using a strap for forward bends?

If you can’t see the video here is the link.

Michael asked this wonderful question in my private newsletter: What about using a strap for forward bends? [Here is the link to the video in case it does not show]

Great question! 

Here is my take In 3 Steps:


The issue with straps is that you can be very tempted to force…  so, if instead, you work on getting the right alignment and breathing, you will already feel the forward bend.

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