Yoga: Visiting Omkar 108 Yoga in Los Angeles

What does Omkar mean? I wondered, and google told me that first of all it:

Causes you to be systematic, technical, and attentive to detail

My first practice after a lot of confusion and suffering in my life happened today when I had the privilege of visiting Omkar 108 Ashtanga Yoga in Los Angeles.

From outside, on the back of the studio, there is a speaker so you can hear mantras – I thought I recognized Manju’s CD which I find energizing and focusing.


I was there early so I peeked in, and saw one of the assistants practicing an advanced pose.

Sometimes I forget how amazing it is to practice in a tight Mysore room.  I miss that.

I arrived at the open door call which is 7:30 AM which  gave me plenty of time to do the standing poses before it filled in pretty tight.

Then I received a deep adjustment in Mari D and another one in kurmasana, as well as a nice deep push on the final forward bend from Jorgen after the back bends, the type that makes you breathe very deeply because there is simply no other way.  And I loved it.

Things are changing in my life and the one constant that does it for me, again and again, is yoga.

I highly recommend visiting if you find yourself on the West Coast.  The energy in the room was pretty infectious.

There is just a bathroom with no showers so if you need to glam up go with time to return to your place and change.

Visiting Omkar 108 in Los Angeles

Visiting Omkar 108 in Los Angeles




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