Yoga: Where Have I Been?

Hi, glad to be back here, and in touch with you guys.  First things first, I have moved to Los Angeles California.

Life threw a really bad ball curve my way, and I’ve been in a cave healing a broken heart.

I decided to move to Los Angeles to put some distance and recover, so that is where I am right now.

I don’t yet have a home or work, which is pretty scary, but I am trusting that the universe delivers us into the situations we need to embody to learn and grow spiritually.

I am also very grateful to have friends that are helping me get started in a whole new town.

It is humbling to start again, it is hard, it is heavy.  But the important thing at least for me, is to remain aware of the “force” and know that it will guide me into new ventures, I hope.

I have been contacting people I don’t know very well in Linked In and its has been an adventure, some will respond, some may help.  It is all very new and very different.

After the shock of what happened to me (separation from my partner) I am slowly trying to come back, slowly looking for ways to weave in a new life.

I hope to gather more and more energy and momentum and restructure my life to keep serving you with yoga tips and ideas.

I am infinitely grateful that you are following me here at

Be well


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