YOGA: My Whole Life in 7 Boxes

Starting again. New Life. New City.  7 boxes in the garage, that is my life down there.

I take what I need when I need it. I am blessed to have friends that put me up in their home and opened their hearts.

I’ve known my friends for 30 years. They came to my home when they started from zero as well, in New York a long time ago.

There is something exciting about starting again. It is very difficult, but it is a new learning curve. How to survive, get an income a job a bed or a room or a studio.

How to return to a routine where yoga can again appear here, and the movements of the curves of life with yoga.

Yoga has definitely helped. It has saved my life more times that I care to remember.

The breathing… If I can concentrate in my breathing, then things are OK now… Try it if you’d like.

Life threw me into a curve that I did not expect and breathing through the pain is the way I am washing it clean, my body, my mind, one day at the time.

Today I am going to continue with taking care of myself, looking for what I need. One day at the time.

And the 7 boxes will remain in the garage, for now. Just for now.


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