Hey! Ashtanga Yoga, I am NOT Dirty Cause I’ve Got My Period F/O!

In Feb 2008 I heard Lakshmi, in the yoga studio (shala) in Mysore (Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute) who is a senior Sanskrit teacher tell us that a woman on her period is “DIRTY” – Seriously Lakshmi? How about you grow the FKup?

And pleaseeeee do not give me the culture difference b/s because I just about HAD IT with it. #Metoo is #Metoo PERIOD

So here I come with my shot:  Fu*k THAT, because it is THAT blood from my own period I’m bleeding now as you read this, that got you here Lakshmi. Wake up and smell the red stuff.… Read the rest

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Coming Out: The Lethal Dose

I already have the lethal dose, the 7 mg of Amitriptyline, it’s easy to get the rest for the suicidal cocktail.  Now what? I’m scared that’s what. What if it doesn’t work and the psycho-psychiatrist I have at the moment gets me in a hospital under his control.  He was talking frigging electroshock the last time I saw him. W T F!

Once I asked him, the psychiatrist, where he was from. He said he would never tell me anything about him cause he is the ‘doctor’ and I’m the ‘patient’. Mansplaining in the most despicable way.

But he is not what is wrong with this photo.… Read the rest

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How I Quit Sugar

This was not give up sugar and keep eating granola. No. This was no sugar, no flour, no grains, no syrups or brown molasses or agave or anything close. Nothing.  The real #nosugar.

My grandmother gave me my first cup of coffee (Instant) with 3 SUGARS at age 6.  Then she talked to me as if I was an adult, and my thoughts came together intelligently.

But I decided not to publish unless a whole four weeks of abstinence had gone by because you never know with a powerful drug like sugar. And Alas! the days have passed and the month mark is near, in exactly: 20 minutes.  … Read the rest

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Yoga: 9 Changes that Completely Transformed Me

It’s not improving but unfolding that makes us grow.  We are fine the way we are, and it makes me uncomfortable when someone tries to tell me something that will “make” me better.  Our own process is precious, unique, special, and nobody knows what the next best step is, not even us.

Image by Alex Grey

Still there is no denying that the world we live in tends to attack our natural process of unfolding, large billboards show us what one in a million women look like (a model) and we think maybe we are not right, or the level of noise from the person sitting next to us on the train and talking non-stop drives us crazy, or worse, we try our best to do our job at work with a screen that is constantly shinning blue light into our eyes diminishing the mitochondria power in our vision and making us weak.… Read the rest

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